Monday, November 28, 2011

The Season Is Closed

It is sad that I have no more real races left in this season.  I will be running a marathon in Florida, the Mangrove Marathon on 11 Dec 11, but I almost think of that one as a bonus and one that I'm not really focusing on; I think I have enough base to just enjoy it and the great weather that I should be blessed with at this time of year. 

Other than that I have a couple large Hash events upcoming the Pearl Harbor Day Hash in Milwaukee on 3 Dec, then the Anthrax Hash on 17 Dec. 

As for 2011 this is the line up so far

5 Feb John Dick Memorial Day 50K , WI - (will pay $15 at the door; bare bones race)
24 Mar - Kettle Moraine 50K, WI - (free event)
31 Mar - Clinton Lake 30 Miler, DeWitt, IL - (paid)
28 Apr - Jailbrake Marathon, WI - (paid)
5 May - Cornbelt 24 Hour, WI -  (not available yet)
2 Jun - Kettle Moraine 100K, WI - (not available yet)
3 Sep - Badgerland 24 Hour, IA - (not available yet)
7 Oct - Chicago Marathon, IL - (not available yet)
29 Oct - Lakefront 50 Miler, IL - (not available yet)

I may end up doing a few more,but these are the big ones.  As you can see I'm not taking on the 100 mile distance, but going for a 100K, two 24 hour races (less stress) and one 50 miler along with a couple other marathons.  I don't like to do the same race twice, but with the Kettle Moraine experience last year where I DNF'd makes me feel like I have unfinished business on that great course, and what can I say, I cannot pass up on a Marathon Major that is in my back yard, which is why I will probably do Chicago every year that I'm still living in this area.  Part of me is toying with making the KM100K a 100 mile effort, but I'm going to wait until at least May to see how my training is going before I sign up (it doesn't sell out), so just maybe I'll give it an effort, but I think I will need at least 1000 miles under my belt by 1 May before I think realistically that I can finish the task.  I'm actually looking forward to the 24 hour events and it training goes well that may be where I look to PR or possibly grab my next century.  I think I can easily top my 71 miles that I did in Sep, also NorthCoast 24 may be one more race that I sign up for, but I have to say I really hated that 7 hour drive out there and 7 hours back after the 24 hour effort; but the race was incredible and to spend it with the best in the nation is a hard one to pass up!!