Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Fourteen Keeping Car at Work - March Roll Up

It actually looks like RNC Leader Steele missed out on a good party.  I'm not conservative, but it seems like they have good taste in clubs!

Mar 2010 - 242 miles versus cost for the month of $294 or a per mile cost of $1.21 per mile. So far this year I've spent $656 and ran 718 miles keeping the cost per mile at $.91.  Here is the link to where I'm keeping a running total of all the expenses for the year. 

Thanks a lot to Barefoot Ted and the author of Born to Run, I have to huge blisters on the balls of each foot.  Maybe I should have had the commen sense to not go for my first barefoot run on hot asphalt (probably over 100 degrees) and pack in about 1.8 miles in just under twenty minutes before putting on shoes.  I did feel some pain while running, but thought it was just my tender feet, but during the final two miles running home I felt the blisters forming and the pressure building as I was reduced to walking and balling up my toes to avoid pressure on the balls of my feet, which is ironically where I was trying to hit and avoid my heel striking.  Anyway, just one more reason to believe I am in the bottom 30% of the intelligence pool as evidence by my GRE scores.  So I learned a valuable lesson.  Here are the times for running home and then back to work this morning:

3.8 mi - 48:12
3.8 mi - 47:55

I was able to pop one of the blisters last night, but on my left foot the skin was so thick and it hurt when I tried to pop it, so I left it alone and it still has not popped.  I'm a real mess right now with the road burn healing, and now blisters on both feet.  I am barely running; call it hobbling. 

Nice graphic about our debt problem.  I can rant all day, but why do so many people have such a hard time admitting that we all need to pay a little bit more in taxes and pay this problem now instead of letting it grow into a crises.  It seems like both sides of the isle has a huge problem with it and just do not know how to solve the problem.  Maybe we need to make a huge change to our major entitlement programs?  Move the age to getting social security up to 70?  Change age of medicare eligibility?  Draw down the military?  There are a lot of ways to save boat loads of money, and we are going to have to do it sooner or later. 

I can't wait to go home tomorrow!  The weather is great in San Jose, and I'll be able to see all the work that has been done on our house.  It is almost done! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Thirteen Leaving Car at Work

Slow running to and from work last night and this morning:
3.8 mi - 41:29
3.8 mi - 47:59
9.3 mi - 1:32:53 (ave 9:55) running with co-worker

Saw these interesting Marathon Stats on another great blog and had to drop it here.  It is interesting that median (middle) time for men in the marathon is in the 4:13-4:20 range.  Also, after running the latest half marathon where the women out numbered the men 440/690, I wondered if there were more women runnning marathons than men, but I see the statistics holding pretty steady with more men running marathons at the rate of 60/40 percent (even higher men population for ultras).  Now I want to make it clear, I do not mind having more women out on the course with us, in fact, they often add to the natural bueaty of the race!  Now back to the median times for men, I guess I'm not surprised, and glad I still can come in constistantly well under that time (at least on roads).  It is funny how I'm pulling futher and further away from the road marathon and being more interested in the trail 50K and longer race, if for nothing more than a better dollar/mile value.  I want to get a REAL experience from a race if I'm going to drop anywhere from $40-200 on a race.  I've entered a lottery for a 48 hour race and if I get accepted I'll be dropping the most money ever on a race $280, but when you think of dollar per mile I should be able to get 140 miles in 48 hours and make that race about $2 per mile, which to me seems like a bargin.   You will not find that value at a local 5K or even a road marathon. 

There was a wonderful full moon this morning and my run to work was beautiful!  I've got a great April planned out to include two trips home to be with my wonderful children and wife, (1-4 April and 22-27 April), jury duty scheduled for 9 April, also I've got one 50K Fun run race scheduled for 10 April and one race that I will be volunteering, which is Pat's Run.  I've signed up to do data entry in the ASU Locker room from 0445-0730 then working the kids race as a course marshal from 0815-1100.  Both of those jobs should be a lot of fun and it will be cool to see the inside of the ASU Locker Room, then to watch all the children and get a cool t-shirt.  Furthermore, it goes towards my goal to help out at least one race a year, and already this will be my second race to help out this year.  I looked at the $35 entry fee for the 4.2 mile race and decided I've got better things to spend my money on, but I sure would like to have the cool shirt and be a part of the energy of this incredible race! 

I've been trying a few new beers, and found a couple that are a little cheaper than my Sierra Nevada favorite.  I've never heard of Red Stripe, but have enjoyed this cheap beer that comes in 16 oz cans, and really found a great beer in the Fat Tire brand (IPA Pale Ale), which may be a little better than Sierra Nevada, but harder to find.

It is a little embarrassing, but I watched a little bit of the movie "House of Wax" with Paris Hilton.  What a bad actor she was, but I must admit she looked very hot, and I'm not crazy about blondes!  She had a make out scene that hit the spot, then she ran around for about the next half hour half dressed until she got a metal pipe threw her skull, which was the best part of her acting.

Also, you got to love the gun toting right wingers called the Hutaree!  Great picture guys and girls; looks like you would fit right in to Middle America.  Nice way to serve the God; with murder. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Duke to Win?

Really just testing out the blog; been having some trouble.  My pick for the National Championship is Duke/Michigan State.  I still can not post pictures, but imagine a Sparky and Duke Devil.

Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon 1:43:29 ave 7:54

Very nice and easy race that resulted in a 1:43:29.  The most memorable part of the race was at the end I was sprinting to try to edge out a young guy next to me and my right leg totally gave out and I took a nose dive right before the finish line.  I have no idea what happened to my body, but  I felt my leg just go limp and I had no recovery time as I dove head first.  My right sholder took most of the impact, but after I scrambled to my feet to cross the line (yes I was beat out), I then saw the damage to my arm, right knee and some road burn on my right hip, but that is not the worst.  I looked down to click off my Garmin 405 and found it was all ate up with road rash too.  Amazingly it still works, but has a big gouge across the bezzel and band.  Boy I do not think I'll be sprinting to the finish again. 

I really enjoyed Oro Valley, and you can not beat the beauty of Mt. Lemmon and the Pusch Ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  These are the mountains surrounding the beautiful city of Oro Valley.  Also, this was a nice and easy road 1/2 marathon, so no footing issues and no drastic single track to deal with, which in contrast makes these races such a cake walk.

There should be some good pictures since it happened right at the finish line, here is the link for my pictures.  For a small town race there were a lot of people; 1100.  Also, there were a lot more women than men (440/690) come on guys get out there and get healthy.  I hope the men are doing something manly like fixing the cars or mowing the lawn instead of playing video games.

Finally some really good porno is coming our way.  Thanks to the 3D craze.  I think I may go see Alice in Wonderland today with my free ticket I got from giving blood.

I'm having trouble uploading images, but I think the National Championship will be between Duke and Michigan State.  I've had to change my brackets three times, but now I think this is a pretty solid pick.  I wonder if other people are having trouble with blogger too?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Camelback Mountain 15 mile run

Enjoyed a nice slow run along with a mountain climb up the Cholo Trail side and down the more difficult back side of Camelback.  It was a great day, nice temperature and wonderful clear skies!  I'm still slow and milking my knee, but at least I'm able to get out there and enjoy the day!  15.5 miles ave 13:40 or 3:31:51.  Good time on my feet if nothing else.  Now for a nice relaxing half-marathon race tomorrow in Oro Valley. 

Runs and days like this are what I'll miss about Arizona!  I can not believe I've got less than 5 months left here in Phoenix, then five more months and I'll be heading out of the state, off to God knows where. 

I finished reading a really good book by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club):

What a great book; Chuck continues to touch my funny bone. I wonder if Chuck is a little crazy himself, because he describes this cast of sex/alcoholics with such detail, you wonder how he gets the inside scoop. I feel so close to the main character that I “understand” why he chooses to make part of his living by choking in upscale restaurants and have people save him. I see no moral problem with this, because he is giving them the idea that they really made a difference and for once in their lives they were heroes. So what if the main character, Victor, sometimes asked for a little help or if he accepted birthday cards from those who saved him.

Victor did all this because he had recently dropped out of medical school and had to foot the bill of a nursing home for his dying mother. He justified his actions in such a way that you could not help but to cheer for him.

Along the way you get a glimpse into his addictive sexaholic life and his exploits in some of the most bizarre places. It makes you wish you had the guts to do the things he pulls off; are there really people like this? You will have all the questions you have about sex addicts answered in this book, and make you think about joining a support group in hopes that you may meet some people that Chuck describes.

Another choice part of the book that I loved was Victor’s best friend and how he chooses collecting rocks instead of acting out in a sexual life. It is a classic exchange of one addiction for another. I see part of this in myself as I choose running mile after mile so I don’t drink beer after beer.

Finally the most important aspect of the book is Victor’s journey to find out what was written in his Mother’s diary, which may unlock the mystery of his Father. Along the way Victor befriends a Doctor at the nursing home, who just happens to read Italian (language his Mother’s diary is wrote in), and she tells him that he was spawned of the reconstructed DNA from a religious relic of Christ himself (DNA from Jesus’ foreskin).

Victor doesn’t want to admit that he really is a good guy, and one who brings a lot of joy to other peoples’ lives. Victor could be found accepting blame from all kinds of patients at the nursing home, and even though he was just trying to get them to leave him alone or to shut them it, he unwittingly gave them closure and comfort at such a vulnerable time in life. He still is convinced that he is just a screwed up person making his way through life, however just when he is about to accept it, he finds out a tragic truth right at the time of his Mother’s death. He finds out that his Doctor friend was in fact a patient and crazy. Victor really is not the child of Jesus.

I would recommend this book for a light read that will make you feel good and give you a fun voyeur look into addicts’ lives. Chuck, must have really did a good job of investigating addicts, or maybe he has a little bit of crazy in himself.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Twelve Keeping Car at Work

I've got to keep running to and from work while the weather is great.  I love the springtime here in Phoenix.  The air is dry and the temperature is so very nice.  We will pay for it though in a few weeks.  I bought a few more running goodies using my birthday as an excuse to buy a nice pair of Tifosi Sunglasses and a package of three Drymax socks and some really good sunscreen.  The total damage was $89 and I've updated the post I wrote earlier tracking total running costs for the year.  March will set me back more than a dollar per mile, but I hope to get that back down under a dollar soon.  I put in for a lottery slot for the Across the Years 48 hour race on 30 Dec 2010.  If I do not make 100 miles at the Javelina Jundred, I surely will get 100 miles in 48 hours and thus my first 100 mile buckle is less than 9 months away.  I can not wait. 

I'm at 44 miles with one more training day this week and my knee feels  pretty good.  The Arizona Distance Classic is on Sunday, and I'll be stinking up the place because I'm still nervous about my knee.  I hope to at least keep a sub 9 minute pace, which is a far cry from my last half where I turned in a 89 minutes.  Well you can't be on your A game everyday. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday; Day Eleven Keeping Car at Work

I was happy to see my face on the cover of the latest Arizona Road Racers Newsletter.  Strange how a mid or even back of the pack ultra runner can grace the cover, especially with the poor writing that I submitted.  I read over the piece and found many grammar errors, similar to those that riddle this blog. 

On the political front I was encouraged with this new report.  It is nice that our representatives may think the POTUS is the Anti-Christ.  Very nice right, something honorable to say and believe.  With all this talk and display of violence from the extreme right, I wonder if that will really translate into votes come the mid-term elections.  Do people really like to associate with such extreme views?  It seems like the Republican (read FoxNews) will not speak out against these actions and have the nerve to question the truth of the reports.  Someone on the right was probably responsible for putting a coffin in the yard of MO Rep. Carnahan; very mature and truthfully on the edge of being dangerous.   Seems like sore losers as they realize how irrelevant they truly are and how they are being left behind as the rest of the nation moves forward.  Their latest stunt is to shut down hearings in the House/Senate as they pout. 

With all these displays of what can only be called domestic terrorism (or at least intimidation) I wonder how quickly the right will be calling a spade a spade.  They wanted Maj Hasan called a terrorist, but when these far right Tea Party people throw rocks through windows, spit on Representatives, carry weapons to rallies or spew hate speech I doubt a word will be said about the danger of domestic terrorism.  Now I know the first shot has not been fired, but it seems like the leadership on the right is setting the stage. 

There is more good news today as Gates reports the softening of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" rule.  I'm so proud of this President for getting things done.  The timeline may not always be as quick as I would like, but he is delivering!  At least it is not more of the same old thing.  Sure, things may not work out, but at least the Democrats have the courage to try something new.  The past eight years was not all that great, now we are focusing on our own country more.  The old tricks of giving tax cuts to the rich didn't work, so now we are trying something new.  Sure we are in the hole more than when President Bush was in office, but he still ran a deficit each year, even while his party says they are for smaller government, yet practice the same type of big government as the Democrats.  At least we are spending money here in America and on building healthy people or on our banks/auto industry etc instead of focusing on destroying things overseas in War.  Well that is some of my thoughts anyway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What are the Republicans Afraid Of? Do they want people to suffer?

"If you can't see the top (of a hill) walk."  - Interesting truth for ultra events.  Also, I like the advice I heard once to "not get winded or thirsty".  Both great advice for the ultra runner. 

Now that we have a new law and universal health care is a reality I wonder why the Republican's are screaming so loudly.  Do they not like what it does, or do they only worship debt so much that they want to continue on the road laid by President Bush and not accept a bill that is proven to save the country over 1 Trillion Dollars over the next couple of decades (per the independent CBO).  Here is what I love, they want to repeal things like this:

* End of the practice by insurance companies placing lifetime (or yearly) limits on payments for healthcare

* End of the practice of insurance companies denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions (would they rather these people just go to the emergency room and demand services at a cost that would easily be triple the normal cost and put more people at risk by having inappropriate people at the emergency room and crowding out the real emergency patients? Or worse yet do they just want these people to suck it up go without healthcare because they didn't work hard enough to be able to pay for the healthcare out of pocket?  We all have the same opportunities right, even someone with a long term illness and then loses a job and is now "not insurable.)

* Allowing children to be covered under parents health care until age 26.  Would they rather people in this age group be bound to have to have a full time job that provides health care or force them to have cash on hand, often resulting in the decision of going to the doctor or paying school bills?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a system set up so they can focus on school and provide them with the opportunities to learn and be the cogs of our economy?  An educated populace is usually a productive one. 

I could go on and on, but I think I will stop now and just hope the Tea Party/Republicans just stop being a sore loser and if the American public hates it so much then repeal it or shut their mouths.  They act like they will have nearly every seat in the House/Senate and be able to change things even over a Presidential Veto, since they will have over 75% of each (or at least you would think that by what they are saying on FoxNews). 

Also, you got to love the images and venom being spewed by the right. Check out this imagine posted on the Glen Beck site. You would think he is looking for a civil war, or at least make people worry about one so he can sell gold...oh wait, he is peddling gold; what a stand up guy that cares about America.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gave Blood Today; Day Ten Leaving Car

My small thing I do for the community is give blood every eight week.  Since I've been living here in Phoenix I've given blood nine times or just over one gallon.  After giving blood today I signed up to give platelets.  I'm a little nervous about it because they shoot the stripped blood back into your arm and that seems like it may hurt or be uncomfortable at the very least; so now I can dread that for eight weeks. 

It was raining today so I did not run to work, however it has cleared up and I'll run back home and leave the car at work. 

I took my cans to be recycled and only got $1.75, but  that is better than a kick in the pants!

The excitement for me tonight will be watching Lost.  I missed it last week, so I will be glued to the TV for two hours. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Nine Keeping Car at Home

Left the car at home today, and got about two pounds of cans today due to a party last night at the apartment, where there were about 20 beer cans left around the pool.  I'm feeling pretty granola as I run to work, hang out at the library and spend much of my life pretty dirty and sweaty.  Am I slowly becoming a hippy, or just cheap? 

My knee felt pretty good and I was able to make it the 3.8 miles to work in 45:32, and 4 mi back home on a slightly different course in 46:11, still barely able to call that running, but at least I'm not totally sidelined.  I still feel something not right and wore my brace again to make sure, but I hope to be able to run at a steady pace the whole 13 miles this weekend at the Desert Classic.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care For All

What a historic day for universal health care.  I'm so proud to be an American.  It is time that health care is a basic human right.  You got to love some of the images coming out of the right, but I think they just need to give it a chance.  People probably said the same thing about Social Security and Medicare, but now try to take that away.  What is wrong with taking care of the old and sick?  I think that is the honorable thing a government should do, just as important as providing for our defense.  What is the purpose of government anyway? 

Got a few miles in without knee pain, but I can feel that it isn't quite healed up yet. 
2.8 mi - 35:26
2.6 mi - 27:28

I know these times can barely be called running, but it is all I can do without feeling like I am doing damage.  I heard a great quote:

Make Friends With Pain and You Will Never Be Lonely
Also had a great swim today, 1000yds in 16:09; fastest I've swam in a long time.

Yesterday I went out and helped with the Mesquite Caynon 50K race and swept the course.  I got in 21 miles while taking down signs, pulling hundreds of ribbons and staying with the last runner.  It took me 6 hours 25 minutes to cover the 21 miles or a pace of 18:23, but some of that was time stopped pulling down signs, so I don't feel too bad plus it was a lot of fun being out on the beautiful course.  Check out these photos and you will see why I had a good time.  Arizona does have some beauty, but you do have to look for it.  I was able to see countless lizards (one about 9 inches long that looked like a small dragon), and one small snake.  Also, during one section of the race with slick rock downhills I kept coming across a big black crow and I kept thinking is that bird a bad sign, so I took it very easy and made sure my footing was solid.  Anyway, it was a fun way to give back to the community; pay it forward style.  Maybe someday I'll want to put on a race and hope that someone would help me out, plus it was a lot more fun than sitting at an aid station.  I loved getting in the beautiful miles, even if it was slow.   

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 8 Leaving Car at Home - Giving Back to Ultra Community Tomorrow Mesquite Canyon 50K

Should be an interesting weekend for health care reform.  Let us pray that it passes!  I saw an intersting article about a bill that may be passed that will pave the way for a military dictatorship.  I'm all for this and ready to support our Commander for life.  I'm ready for a radical change and proud to be in the Army that may support such a change in our government.  These radicals that are being so disrespectful towards our President on National TV need to pipe down before they are deemed to be belligerents and find themselves imprisoned.  Then we will see how quickly they want military tribunals?  They may get just what they want.  Ironically the military will need to be cleaned  up first. 

Was actually able to get in a little over 11 miles yesterday.  I ran from work to the gym then home for 7.5 miles in 1:32:59 or an average of 12:22 per mile then 3.9 mi to work today in 49:06 or an average of 12:39.  It is hard to write down these slow average paces when I'm used to training at 8 minutes per mile, but I have to try to take care of this knee.  I probably should not even be running at all, but like most runners that is something we will not do until we are totally hobbled.  For now I wrap my knee tight and go very slow with very little pounding action and it seems to be holding up just fine.  Running to work today I came across a desert fox crossing the road about 50 yards in front of me.  This type of beauty is what really keeps me coming back and keeps my heart in the run.  I've seen this same fox two other times since I've been here in Phoenix and each time I feel like I'm given a gift when I see his sleek graceful body dance across the road and into awaiting bushes. 

Tomorrow is the Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs where I will be helping out.  I'll be sweeping and covering about 18 miles of the 50K course.  I feel like this is an important thing to do for the sport. 

I signed up for two more races later in the year including the Flagstaff 50K on 12 June 2010, and put myself in for the Across the Years 24 Hour or 48 Hour race.  I put in for the 48 hour race as my first selection, but also selected the 24 hour race too, I'll just have to see how the lottery goes.  Currently there are over 125 people on the list, but I'm not sure which race each of them are trying to get into.  I want to do the 48 hour race to insure that I'll make 100 miles and get the buckle, but I'll really have to dig deep to come up with the $280 entry fee that will be due by 31 May 2010 if I get into the race.  If I get my second choice, the 24 hour race, the entry fee is only $180 with all the goodies or a low price of only $100 if I don't want all the goodies.  It should be interesting to see which race I will be selected for, of if I make it into the lottery at all.

I finished a great book by James Patterson called the Quickie.  Here is what I thought of it:

For some reason I have been staying away from the very commercial writers and their pulp, but for some reason I picked this one up and was not disappointed. James wove a very easy to read novel with twists and turns that kept me turning the pages.

I'm a slow reader, but was able to knock this out in two days.

The story followed the main character Lauren, who is a NYPD detective, through her vindictive affair that she had to get back at her husband, which she thought had cheated on her with.

Lauren's quickie affair ended up with her husband confronting the boyfriend and killing him, but the story takes interesting turns as Lauren covers up for her husband in an effort to make things "right".

As the story continues she discovers truths about her husband that will shock you and take you places you certainly would not expect. James keeps you guessing all the way to the end, and concludes the books in a way that will not leave a bad taste in your mouth. I thought he was going to end it tragically, but you will like the ending.

Also finished a great book by Chuck Palahniuk called Pygmy.  Here is what I thought of it:

Wow, the creativity that Chuck had to muster to write this book is stunning. Yes the writing style was hard to navigate, however, it was side splitting and spot on. What a concept to have a secret agent immigrate as a child with a final goal of "operation havoc".

It seemed like Chuck found all the seemingly normal parts of our lives and turned them into hilarious vignettes when seen through what would be a child raised in a very different authoritarian type of regime.

I'll never be able to look at porn, vibrators, or hear the words "pig-dog", "chesticles" without a chuckle.

Chuck grabs you by seat of your pants and forces you to look at the American Culture through a different lens and you can't help but laugh it especially when it is easily misunderstood.

Finally, you will find a very atypical ending to this work, but for me it worked nicely.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Extra Mile - Pam Reed Book Review - Day Seven Leaving Car at Work

First of all, March Madness is picks are for Kansas/Villanova to make it all the way, but for today and tomorrow I'm looking for big winners from Kansas, Oklahoma State, BYI, Texas, Clemson, and Xavier; the other games I'm not really following. 

Ran to and from work today, with a detour to the library which made it 4.6 miles one way:

17 March AM 3 miles - 31:25

17 March PM 4.6 mi - 55:22

18 March AM 3.8 mi - 50:36

You can still see that I'm having knee trouble and can barely call these running miles, but at least I'm getting out there.

I have ot give Pam's book a big thumbs up, even though I am four years behind in reading it (published in 2006).

Pam describes how difficult it can be to be a professional athlete and care for a family of seven (five children). This has to be true of any professional athlete, but since running is my sport I found it very interesting how she managed it all and even failed at some of the more important aspects of life, which I took as a warning in case I ever get out of control with my racing and constant pursuit of some greater challenge.

Pam might have gone on too much about the anorexia, but even that part of the story set the stage for how it may have actually helped her when she runs 100's/135 mile races.

I would recommend this easy read to anyone who is into ultra running. She is a true legend that you will want to know about. Who knows you will probably see her at a future race, and this would make for an easy ice breaker. This is a unique sport where you often get the opportunity to race/talk with the best in the world (especially in timed events where you may be running side by side despite being miles behind).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back From Vacation - Happy Hollow Zoo

Didn't run much over the past week, but I was able to get in four miles over the weekend, then three miles today in 31:24, but unfortunately my knee still hurts when I run. 

I had such a GREAT time at home.  I took the children to Happy Hollow Zoo, which the kids loved so very much.  I will really miss this age and my heart aches when I have to leave and come back to AZ.  There is no amount of distraction that can relieve the emptiness that is ever present in my heart.  I try to find comfort in running and racing, but I can hear my childrens laughter repeated in my ears, which makes my heart feel like it is weighted down in my chest.  Sometimes I can almost feel the tugging of my heart, and I wonder if it is my childrens spirit of just the weight of the loneliness.  It will be a long six more years before I am done with this Army tour and I can return as a retired man and establish my new life/job at home where I belong. 

I'm back to work now and I had to send my boss a list of accomplishments over the last three years.  This should be for him to write up an award for me.  Maybe I'll get out of here with a new award that I do not have yet, which would be nice, but to tell you the truth I'd be happy with anything, especially based on the amount of work I've been doing in the past six months.  I can probably expect a MSM or ARCOM, but I'm not emotionally vested either way or even if it doesn't come through.  I'm happy with what I have already and think anything else throughout my career is gravy.  I really love my two BSM's and thankful I had the opportunity to earn them and only wish I could be called up again to serve overseas in battle.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and do my best to make friends along the way and just maybe I'll find myself in Afghanistan.  My heart is really in combat; never have I felt more alive and useful. 

Here is the list of accomplishments that I sent my boss.  Notice the use of third person.  Am I a geek or just a bad writer?  I probably should work more on my english skills so I don't look like a such a dolt that my GRE scores proved. 

* Responsible for over three years without a security violation, and keeping the DIA Accreditation for the WARISC DET 1 SCIF. During three separate practices dangerous to security, CPT Bott was responsible for insuring local policies and procedures were updated to capture lessons learned which led to an even more secure posture throughout the SCIF.

* Sought out opportunities for professional development which led to securing an additional duty working with the Combat Support Agency Support Command Operation section. During that time, CPT Bott provided over 1,800 hours of support in 2008.

* Responsible for over 10,000 mandays of production over three years at the DET 1 SCIF. CPT Bott insured there were no scheduling conflicts which insured the DET 1 automated information platforms were appropriately utilized.

* Was recognized by the MIRC Commanding General and the Combat Service Support Agency Support Commander (Commanders Coins) for excellence while supporting the yearly Battle Focused Readiness Review in 2009.

* Was recognized by receiving the Knowlton Award in 2008. 

* Was recognized by the 500th Bde Commander (Commanders Coin) for excellence while supporting the 301st MI Bn and the 500th MI Bde's production mission in 2007.

* Was recognized by the 301st MI Bn Commander (AAM) for leading the 2008, 301st MI Bn Bataan Death March Team, to a victory the full marathon mixed military heavy division.

* Was recognized by the WARISC Commander (AAM) for leading the Ft. Hunter-Liggett Army 10 Mile team to victory in the 2009 Army Ten Miler Reserve Mixed Team Division.

* Established a physical fitness program/atmosphere that resulted in a constant DET 1 APFT average score to stay above 240 points for over three years.

* Over the three years 2007-2010, CPT Bott became a subject matter expert on several DNI support social network platforms and used them as a platform to produce finished intelligence products in support of USARPAC's priority intelligence requirements. In 2007-8, CPT Bott co-authored several products on JWICS and SIPRNET that were selected as Intellipedia Articles of the day and one product that was selected as the number two article of the year.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back Home for 5 Days! :)

Knee still giving a little trouble, but the next five days I'll be just playing with the kids and giving the knee a rest. No more races for a while, so it should be getting better soon.

10 March - Got in 4.2 miles - 34:25
11 March - Slow 2.8 miles - 36:24
11 March - Slow 2.2 miles - 20:22

I can't wait to get home and be with my three wonderful children and wife! Also, it will be nice to not look at a computer for a few days. When I'm home I don't get on line at all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marathon Journey

Jeff Bott’s Marathon/Triathlon and Ultra Experience

1-1989 (Nov) Tulsa Marathon (OK) 2:56:34**
2-1995 (May) Camp Casey Marathon (Korea) 3:00:13
3-1995 (Sep) Mount Saurak San Marathon (Korea) 2:58:02
4-1996 (Mar) Napa Valley Marathon (CA) 2:55:21**
5-1996 (Mar) Golden Gate Headlands Marathon (CA) 3:57:11
1-1996 (May) Wat Mi Wok Trail 100K (CA) 12:32:48*
6-1996 (May) Muir Woods Trail Marathon (CA) 4:02:33
7-1996 (Jul) San Francisco Marathon (CA) 3:14:02
8-1996 (Oct) Sacramento Marathon (CA) 2:57:07**
9-1997 (Mar) LA Marathon (CA) 2:58:54**
2-1997 (Apr) Ruth Anderson 100K (CA) 9:33:08*
10-1997 (Jul) San Francisco Marathon (CA) 3:00:12**
3-1997 (Jul) VineMan Triathlon 2.4/112/26.2 (CA) 12:31:01*
11-1997 (Sep) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 2:46:57**
4-1997 (Nov) Quad Dipsea 28.4mi (CA) 5:21:54*
12-1998 (Mar) Napa Valley Marathon (CA) 2:54:50**
13-1998 (Apr) Big Sur Marathon (CA) 2:59:09**
14-1998 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 2:58:36**
15-1999 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:37:01
16-2000 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:21:56
17-2001 (Mar) Napa Valley Trail Marathon (CA) 4:47:12
18-2001 (May) Avenue of the Giants Marathon (CA) 3:53:09
19-2002 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:25:56
20-2003 (Oct) Sacramento Marathon (CA) 3:45:42
21-2004 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:10:16**
22-2004 (Oct) CIM in Kuwait Marathon (Kuwait) 3:22:48
23-2005 (Apr) Boston Marathon (MA) 3:10:00 (3:07:57 chip)**
24-2005 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:50:59
25-2007 (Dec) Tucson Marathon (AZ) 3:36:38 (3:35:30 chip)
26-2008 (Feb) Desert Classic Marathon in Surprise (AZ) 3:37:14
27-2008 (Mar) Bataan Death Ruck March Marathon (NM) 7:44:26 (ACU/Boots/35 lbs Ruck)
5-2008 (Oct) Man Against Horse 50 Mile Ultra (AZ) 11:20:57*
28-2008 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon (CA) 3:54:57 (chip 3:34:37/late start)
29-2009 (Jan) Rock-n-Roll Phoenix Marathon (AZ) 3:13:45**
30-2009 (Jan) Desert Classic Marathon in Surprise (AZ) 3:12:20**
31-2009 (Feb) Lost Dutchman Marathon (AZ) 3:23:38
6-2009 (Feb) Orange Curtain Road 100K (CA) 11:12:12*
32-2009 (Mar) Bataan Death Ruck March Marathon (NM) 6:33:07 (ACU/Boots/35 lbs Ruck)
33-2009 (Oct) Silicon Valley Marathon Virtual Race (AZ) 4:08:57
7-2009 (Oct) Javelina Jundred 100 Mile DFN/100K (AZ) 16:12:57*
8-2009 (Dec) 24 Hour Race to the Future (AZ) 84.5 miles 23:57:31*
34-2010 (Jan) Desert Classic Marathon in Surprise (AZ) 3:12:48**
35-2010 (Jan) Cave Creek Trail Marathon (AZ) 7:37:28
36-2010 (Feb) Sedona Marathon (AZ) 3:29:38
9-2010 (Mar) Old Pueblo 50 Mile (AZ) 13:49:18*
10-2010 (Apr) Copper Basin 50K (AZ) 6:46:32*
37-2010 (May) Whiskey Row Marathon (AZ) 3:56:20
11-2010 (May) Hotfoot Hamster 12 Hour Race 53.4 miles (AZ) 11:59:10*
12-2010 (Jun) Flagstaff 50K Buffalo Park (AZ) 6:54:41*
13-2010 (Sep) Buckeye Endurance Run 85.7 mi (AZ) - 26:24:38*
14-2010 (Sep) Javelina 12 Hour Night 75K (AZ) - 10:38:17*
38-2010 (Oct) Mt. Lemmon Marathon (AZ) 5:26:34
15-2010 (Oct) Javelina Jundred (AZ) 26:04:14*
16-2010 (Dec) Across the Years 24 Hours (AZ) - 82.2 mi*
39-2011 (Jan) Desert Classic Marathon (AZ)- 3:24:08
40-2011 (Apr) Cross Roads Marathon (IN) - 3:34:00
17-2011 (Apr) Horseman 34 Miler (IL) - 6:07:01*
18-2011(May) Quicksilver 50 Miler (DNF) 50K split (CA) - 6:38:34*
19-2011 (Jun) KM100 DNF 50K split (WI) - 7:45:45*
20-2011(Jul) Voyageur 50 Miler (DNF) (MN) 28 drop - 7:09:10*
21-2011 (Aug) Palos Hills 32.4 Miler, (IL) -5:51:50
22-2011 (Sep) North Coast 24 Hour (OH) 71.1 mi *
23-2011 (Sep) TGIF 50K Night Run (IL) 6:49:43*
41-2011 (Oct) Chicago Marathon (IL) - 3:47:24
24-2011 (Oct) Lakefront 50K (IL) - 4:31:26*
42-2011 (Dec) Mangrove Marathon (FL) 3:45:38

* Ultra distance event
** Boston qualifying times
To date 42 marathons, nine under three hours and 24 Ultras for a total of 66 marathon or longer races.

Favorite Places on the Web

They are updating our computers to Vista (yes we currently have Windows 7 and we are "upgrading" to Vista??), and with that I'm about to lose all my favorites and everything that I'm used to having at my fingertips. 

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GRE Scores - Day 6 Leaving Car at Work

Start the day off with a little glimpse into reality. I received my latest GRE scores and it wasn't pretty. I must admit I did very little preparation for the test, but at the same time these test do a very good job of indicating your ability/aptitude and preparation only helps out so much. My Registration number was 5490-983 and the scores went to the following locations (putting it here for future reference):

UI Columbia College (undergrad alum) Inst Code-6095 Dept Code-4201

GI Holy Names College (MBA alum) Inst Code-4059 Dept Code-2001

GI San Jose State University (Psych Dept) Inst Code-4687 Dept Code-2003

GI Natl Defense Intelligence College (MSSI) Inst Code-5205 Dept Code-1999

GI US Army Human Resource CMD Inst Code-5852 Dept Code-1902

Anyway here are the scores and percentages for the General Test held on Feb/2010

Verbal Score 390 (% below 32)
Quantitative Score 550 (% below 37)
Analytical Writing Score 3.5 (% below 23)

I guess that shows that I'm near the bottom quarter of people testing to get into graduate degree. This may come as a surprise knowing that I have a Master's Degree and that I was Summa Cum Laude in my undergraduate class and Magna Cum Laude in my Master's Program. I guess that just tells you that I know how to work the system without being all that smart. Anyway, at least now I have a valid score so when I apply for the Master of Science Degree in Strategic Intelligence at the National Defense Intelligence College (NDIC), I will have a fighting chance. They assign people to the course each year and I have several more years of eligibility, so who knows maybe I'll get picked up. There are also a few fellowship programs at Ivy League schools, but those are open to a much wider population, so I probably have little to no chance for those, but with the MSSI program, it is only open to Intelligence Officers and they one or two slots a year available, so just maybe? The other good thing is that some MI Officers don't want the degree, or don't want to live in DC, or are just too lazy to do the minimum things to be eligible, so that helps me out even more!! I'd love to get another masters degree and especially in this focused area which would make my MBA more valuable!

I was able to run very slowly despite still having smoked legs from the 50 miler two days ago. I left the car at work and ran/walked the 3.8 mi back and forth from work:


My knee didn't hurt much during the run, but is still tender to the touch and when I stretch it. I think this is a good sign and rest should solve this problem. I plan on not running from 12-16 March 2010 in order to have full rest, then get back into it after that. Oh, there is a new 12 Hour Race in May that I plan on running! I was looking for another long race for the summer and this one is in Buckeye which is only about 20 miles away and on a 500 meter loop course that I am familiar with (same course as Across the Years).

I just finished reading Birmingham 35; here are a few thoughts of the book:
Braziel was able to keep my attention, but thankfully it was less than 300 pages. I found the premise interesting and the beginning caught me up, but the format of the book with its switchbacks in time seemed to lead me to confusion and added nothing to the story. What is more he slipped in dreams that didn't add value to the story.

There were some redeeming qualities to include developing the characters well and painting a vivid picture of a not too far off future where the ozone layer has opened up causing suffocating drought and unbearable UV damage if one is to spend much time out in the sun. One can only guess what caused this hole, but it can be imagined it was due to man-made pollution.

Finally, the best part of the book was the introduction of a divided USA and how it effects a family. The main character Mat deals with having a ticket to the "Saved World" and the reality that his only family, his Dad, could not leave the world that he knew so well.

Even through marriage and the upcoming birth of his child, Mat could not bring himself to leave "home" either, even after the death of his Father, which the reader would have thought would have freed him.

This is a one that I would not spend much money on. I bought it for 50 cents at the library where it was being discarded and I think I got my money's worth, but it is not worth a penny more.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Pueblo 50 Mile Race Report - 13:49:18

Long day, but I had an absolutely incredible time at the Old Pueblo 50 Miler!  I got up at 1am and was on the road to Sonita, AZ by 1:30.  It took me longer than I tought to arrive at the race start due to about 15 miles of dirt road that I crept on because I didn't want to hurt my poor little truck that hasn't known the likes of dirt roads. 

I arrive at Kentucky Ranch and put on an extra sweatshirt then walked the 1/4 mile to the race start to pick up my race number/packet and was pleasantly surprised with the home-made race numbers with their colorful boarders.  Then I dropped off my drop bags and headed back up to my car to warm up for about 30 more minutes.

Before I knew it the gun went off and we were off on the 50 mile journey.  I was able to run without pain for only about 13 miles, but then my knee problem reared its ugly head and I was reduced to walking for 33 miles.  The good thing about the race is that I met up with Donovan and we just clicked and talked for the last 25 miles.

I was hurting, but talking helped keep my mind off of it.  Anyway, it was a long day but I enjoyed the great course and the multiple river crossings during the last ten miles.  I walked for about an hour in the dark, but it was amazing to see the bright stars above.  Also, the glowing chem lights made finding the trail in the drark simple.

I left the race site just after 8pm and back home just after 11pm, then to sleep for a few hours and back to work this morning.  I was happy to feel my knee not hurting as much as I expected.  Maybe it will heal up over these next few days when I give it some rest. 

If I were to be living in Arizona next year I would do the race again, but who knows where I will be this time next year. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Georgia Guidestones

What a great set of ideals; check out this site about the Georgia Guidstones

* Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

* Guide reporduction wisely--improving fitness and diversity.

* Unite Humanity with a living new language.

* Rule passion--faith--tradition--and all things with tempered reason.

* Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

* Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

* Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

* Prize truth--Beauty--love--seeking harmony with the infinite.

* Be not a cancer on Earth--leave room for nature--leave room for nature. 

Isn't that beautiful.  I really agree with them, even though the first one is sobering.  I think it is smart and hope that nature will take care of this one for us because I would not call for the willful depopulation of the Earth, however, it may be in some of the secret plans

Ready for Old Pueblo 50 Miler Tomorrow (Day Five Leaving Car at Work)

Ready or not I leave for OP50 at about 1:30 am to pick up my race packet and get ready for the 6am start to another journey that will take me along 50 miles of Arizona trails.  I love the nervous feeling that comes before a big effort, also love doing a new race.  There is 7,000 feet of climbing (and decent) in this race, which is not too bad, but it is fun to not really know what to expect. 

I ran home and back to work 3.8 mi each way:

Still taking it easy because I'm nervous of my knee; hope not to have a complete blow out that will put me out for several weeks.   The next race that I have really spent big bucks on is on 1 May, so if I have to sit out this race that I won in the writing contest and the race that I volunteered for it will just have to do it.  I also really don't like to see my milage slip, because I wanted to break 3000 miles for the year and if I keep having low miles or days off I will never make the mark.  I may have to accept that 2009 was one of the best years of my life and a year that will be hard to top. 

I got in a nice swim last night 1000 yds in 16:32, and 2.8 miles in 30:42 (I know so very slow, so let us just call it a taper run). 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Four Leaving Car at Work. Badwater Roster Released Today; $895 Entry Fee

I saw that the official Badwater entrant list was released today.  What I didn't know was the huge entry fee for the race; $895.  Furthermore, the hoops you have to go through to be considered.  Check out this link for all the ins/outs of registration.  I would like to dream of doing this race someday, but it will take up to a decade of being in the sport and crewing for other people etc before I can ever really consider it.  I have a much healthier respect for anyone wearing a Badwater shirt now.  I've seen and met a few veterans of the race.  I'll be looking forward to following the race on-line. 

Nice easy walk/run home and back to work today for the fourth day of this year that I left my car at work.  I'm also picking up cans and saving them when I can find them so I can do a little good for the environment, but more than that to give me a few bucks for a race!  My time for the 3.8 mi to and from work:


I was able to also get a good swim in 1800 yds in 32:13.  I think that is a mile. 
You can tell that I'm still having a little trouble with my knee, so the slow pace continues.  Saturday should be fun!  Anyway, what would a 50 mile race be without a little story and challenge to make it interesting.  This is what the $118 is for; you have to earn the belt buckle.  Also, to make things interesting there is a slight chance of rain on race day.  Here is the current weather forecast, and it looks like the rain will hold off until Sunday; sure hope so! 

I can not wait to start watching the result of the Atacama Crossing, which is starting on 7 March.  This is part of the Four Desert Series, and I have a friend that should be in Chile now, but have not heard from him.  I hope he is doing fine, especially since I'm not sure if he arrived before the earthquake.  The race director will be posting the daily standings starting on the 7th. 

You got to love the DrudgeReport, they have this picture posted today, in reference to the "Nuclear Option" to pass health care.  I can not believe that the nation doesn't want this.  It goes against human nature to not want "free" health care.  I'm not a fool and know that to many affluent people it will be nothing free about it, but there are a lot more poor people than there are affluent people, but it seems like their voices are not being heard in all these polls I keep hearing from Fox News.  Rich and poor people alike would like to not worry about health care; basic human desire is to be healthy regardless of money.  I'm not sure why it is such a fight.  I don't hear crying about Social Security and Veterans Administration, both of which are Socialist programs if I ever heard of one.  Also, the military folks love their health care, and the retirement system is better than any union, not to mention the promotion system, at least in the Army is based on a common Union model that values time over any other aspect.  I don't think I've heard the end of the complaining from the right, and what seems worse is that on both sides of isle things seems to be balancing on the verge of violence.  Signs like these can be seen at Tea Party rallies.  Could we see civil war?  I doubt it, nor would call for it, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Very interesting link about the wacky world of Zentai.  I am interested in a suit of red for the Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run; always one for a lot of attention no matter how I have to get it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Left Car at Work Again #3; Going for 50 This Year!

Big news on the job front.  I got my orders, so I will actually be leaving Phoenix in August and heading to Ft. Huachuca for a six month class on how to be a better Intelligence Officer!  This is the last step I need to take before making the rank of Major in 2013 or 2014.  It will be nice to move on with the career and then take a new job and grow more so I can be more valuable to the larger organization.  If I'm not going to be allowed to deploy, I might as well learn how to update RLAS, ATRRS, ITRS and all the other workings of a battalion.  I should get a slot as an Assistant Operations Officer (AS3 sometimes called 'ass S3'); can't wait and sure hope it is on the left coast.  The worst thing for me and the family would be to be assigned to the East Coast.  I'll keep my fingers crossed! 

Almost no pain in the short runs that I am trying now, but I'm so very gun shy due to the effort I have to give this weekend.  I hope that I can get through it without a problem.  I ran the 3.8 mi to and from work in 45:01 and 50:51.  That is number three for me, going for 50 days of leaving the car at work for a grand savings of about $75 or the price of about one race.  This is good for me and the environment, so why not.  This may be more of a challenge when it is around 110 in the afternoon and 90's in the morning, so I may try to leave the car at work a couple times a week between now and May when it really starts to smoke around here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb Wrap Up - 189.9 Miles

Pretty slow running month since I've been dealing with this knee problem (IT Band) issue.  I was able to get in 189.9 miles this month, but last week was an incredible low of 19.5 miles.  Ironically, I also spent $189 on races and supporting the running habit, so I was at an even $1 a mile for the month.  Overall for the month of Jan/Feb I'm at $.76 per mile, which is where I want to be.  If I can get over this injury quickly the per mile cost will go down, but for now I've already paid for several more of the 2010 races and need to get healthy.  I'm a little worried I may put myself back several weeks by the effort this weekend.  The next thing on the horizon is volunteer work on 20 March, then a half-marathon on 28 March, but both of those are either volunteer work or a race I won in a writing contest, so if I can not go due to injury it will not be the end of the world.  I'll probably go even if I'm in pain, but probably walk/hobble through the efforts. 

I've been hitting the swimming pool more and just praying that my knee makes it through these 50 miles I have to run on Saturday.  I want this belt buckle pretty bad, and even if I have to walk much of it, hope I can finish.  Sure don't want another DNF, especially on a short course like 50 miles (100 is understandable, but not 50, especially with a generous 15 hour cut off time). 

I realized I have a friend that is either heading off to Chile to do a stage race called the Atacama Crossing.  The race starts on 7 March 2010 and the race directors just put out a message saying the race will go on despite the 8.8 earthquake.  The country needs the money and encourages the race to still be held.  I look forward to tracking his progress.  I look forward to tracking the race on this website.  The good news is that the main airport is already open.