Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Nine Keeping Car at Home

Left the car at home today, and got about two pounds of cans today due to a party last night at the apartment, where there were about 20 beer cans left around the pool.  I'm feeling pretty granola as I run to work, hang out at the library and spend much of my life pretty dirty and sweaty.  Am I slowly becoming a hippy, or just cheap? 

My knee felt pretty good and I was able to make it the 3.8 miles to work in 45:32, and 4 mi back home on a slightly different course in 46:11, still barely able to call that running, but at least I'm not totally sidelined.  I still feel something not right and wore my brace again to make sure, but I hope to be able to run at a steady pace the whole 13 miles this weekend at the Desert Classic.

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