Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bandit Apology - I'll Send a Check

Wow, I just saw the comments about the 1/2 Marathon and I feel awful.  There is no excuse, but I did rationalize since I did not take anything from the race, but like many of you pointed out I did enjoy a safe race and great competition, which does not come without a price. 

I take great pride in my reputation and do not intend to let that slide.  I will send a check (sent $8 as of 5 Dec) to the race right away and I make a huge public apology.  The race was great and even though I didn't even take a sip/bite I now see that it is about the same as theft, because there are other things that the race provides. 

I volunteer at several races a year and value the running community more than you can imagine.  I do not wish to burn bridges and hope that you can take this along with the proof of my payment (race director, can you post a comment once you receive it) as an apology and accept me at a future race (not as a bandit).  I didn't think it through and will not do this type of unethical activity in the future. 

Again, I'm sorry and hope I can make it up to the community, my family and ultimately my reputation in the US Army.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

Kinda jonesing over not racing, but it will all go out of my mind once I get home on Thursday and celebrate my little girl's birthday.  It is hard to believe that she will be three in just a few days.  After 92 miles last week, I'm taking a calculated break and plan on only getting about 40 miles this week, and not worry about running while I'm at home with family (if it works out great, but if not it is time for a few days off). 

My next raceis not until the end of December, unless I decide to pay the big bucks and jump into the Tucson Marathon I've waited so long that it will cost me a pretty penny of $110, but I feel very fast and the course is perfect for a fast Boston Qualifier that lasts two years (this year already sold out, plus I've already qualified back in Jan).  Since I'll be living in Chicago, I might do Boston (link to the directions) again, but probably not since it is a 17 hour drive.  Maybe try to get into NYC Marathon, but that drive is every bit of 13 hours, so maybe not even that race?  Actually more realistic is the Chicago Marathon, and Twin Cities Marathons.  Maybe the Cincinnati Marathon (May 1st) or Grandma Marathon (8 hours away on June 18th) , but the race I am about to put money down on is scheduled for 9 April 2011, called McNaughton Park 100, and is a pretty easy 100 mile race, and here is some information about the IL Ultra Slam.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tucson Everyone Runs Half Marathon 1:30:00 **Bandit**

Had a fun run at the Everyone Runs Half Marathon in Tucson this morning.  I ran a flat 1:30:00 as a bandit.  I felt pretty good and fast today.  I didn't expect to go this fast but I got to 10 miles and felt like I could bust 1:30:00, but when it was all said and done I couldn't get the final mile done any faster.  Here are my splits: 

ave 6:52

 I found this incredible cartoon at a friends blog and had to repost it (thanks Brownie)

Another big milestone I crossed today was going further today then I did all last year.  I'm at 2733 right now.  I'm chasing 3000 miles by year end and think I'm on track, as long as I don't suffer any injuries.  It has been a great year and I feel like I will take a step back as I learn my new job up in Chicago and get used to running in a new place.  I think I will have a fair amount of travel with my new job, plus I just don't know how life in such cold weather will be?  Maybe I am spoiled by the great weather here in Arizona and I will not be so motivated in Chicago. Anyway, the past two years have been a running dream and I am really glad that I got the 100 mile benchmark under my belt.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Totals

Oct 2010 Again a pretty good month of running with 301.5 miles and a cost of $384 or per mile cost of $1.26 per mile. I like to keep it under a dollar, but this month had a lot of activity in it and I just couldn't help it. For the year I'm at a total of 2584 miles and a cost of $1783 (per mile $.69). I'm not running any races in November, even though I really want to run the Fat Ox 50, but I really need to keep the cost down. I think I'll be looking good throughout the rest of the year, and even though the sport can be expensive, I feel like I am not going overboard.

Javelina Jundred Race Entry Fee - $200

Gas to Javelina Jundred and Back -$45

Mt. Lemmon Marathon - Entry Fee - $50

Gas to Mt. Lemmon - $20

Team RWB Singlet - $30

Headlight batteries/recharger $35

Hash - $4