Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Totals

Oct 2010 Again a pretty good month of running with 301.5 miles and a cost of $384 or per mile cost of $1.26 per mile. I like to keep it under a dollar, but this month had a lot of activity in it and I just couldn't help it. For the year I'm at a total of 2584 miles and a cost of $1783 (per mile $.69). I'm not running any races in November, even though I really want to run the Fat Ox 50, but I really need to keep the cost down. I think I'll be looking good throughout the rest of the year, and even though the sport can be expensive, I feel like I am not going overboard.

Javelina Jundred Race Entry Fee - $200

Gas to Javelina Jundred and Back -$45

Mt. Lemmon Marathon - Entry Fee - $50

Gas to Mt. Lemmon - $20

Team RWB Singlet - $30

Headlight batteries/recharger $35

Hash - $4

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