Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arizona Road Racers Desert Classic Marathon - 3:24:08

I decided against doing a double this weekend, and probably glad that I did.  My back was giving me some trouble after the marathon, and another one would have really done the job. 

No real excuses for the poor time, and the walking I did out there on the course, so I can't say much except report my splits and you will know that I was lacking in heart. 

ave 7:48 per mile

The weather was great about 40 at the start and warmed up to about 65 by the end of the race.  Also, as usual there was a head wind coming back.  Saw a lot of great people at the race.  I was able to place 9th overall all (out of 118) and 1st in my age group.

Here is a link to a more nothern route that I may need to take due to the weather. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whole class had to take a breathalyzer

How embarrassing!  We were there at 0800 and a whole class had to fall out and blow to see who was drunk.  This is what one dumb CPT that got a DUI before 0730 in the morning causes.  What is more, we all had to sit through a town hall meeting about the increased "drinking issues" are having on the command climate. 

One solution for the leadership will be to be fierce with the punishement and make it no secret! 

There is no place for DUI's and the Army Officer Corps!!  This is being said by someone who loves to drink, but is very careful not to drive after drinking (often run to the Hash Runs to avoid the temptation).

Couple of Good Sites

Wanting to capture a few links that  I have enjoyed here at the MICCC. 

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Huffington Post
Huachuca Hash House Harriers
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Smirking Chimp
Chicago Sun Times
Media Matters
Daily Howler
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The Raw Story

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Breaker 10K - 40:36 // WIN

Had a fun run this weekend, and was able to pull out an outright win.  I must say this does not speak to my speed, but more about who showed up to the race.  There were about 150 people, but no local studs.  My time was officially 40:36, but my Garmin had me at 6.28 miles in 40:21, but who is counting?  My splits were as follows (guess where the hill was)
40:21 ave 6:25

I may never have an outright win again.  Also, what is up with the military intelligence Soldiers?  Out of all the students no one really came out with any speed and they let an old man beat them.  The results should be posted here in a few days.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heading to Chicago

Change of life is ahead.  Looks like I will start my journey on 2 Feb and arrive at Chicago on the evening of 6  Feb.  I can not believe that this class is over and to be honest how little I have learned. 

Here is the link taking me to Grandma's house. 

This is from Ponca City to Chicago

I need to visit Mom since she is in the hospital.  So that is my major overnight. 

Timeline -
Depart Sierra Vista - 2 Feb
Arrive Albuquerque (possibly Amarillo) - 2 Feb (RON)
Arrive OKC 3 Feb - RON
Arrive Ponca City 4 Feb - RON
Arrive Saint Louis 5 Feb - RON
Arrive Chicago 6 Feb RON
Start work 7 Feb -13 Feb
Arrive San Jose - 14 Feb

Monday, January 3, 2011

Across the Years 24 Hour Race

I was able to calculate my cost per mile for the year and it ended up being only 67 cents a mile.  See this post for all the details.  The total miles for 2010 was 3218 and I spent $2149 for the year.  I've got to buy some winter running clothes next year so I can run in the Chicago winter, plus I'm really wanting a new Garmin that is waterproof; this 405 is driving me crazy.  I'm planning to take some time off and build up over the next couple of years. 
Had a great time at the Across the Years 24 Hour Race in Buckeye AZ.  It is always easy to say how much fun it was when it is over, but it is true.  We had some cold weather that drove me inside my sleeping bag for about 4 hours, but other than that it was fun to get through the miles.  I was able to bag 82.2 miles for a pace of 17:31 per mile.  I had some help from a great guy Boone, who helped keep my mind off the cold.  Pretty happy about the year in total; 3,218 miles or an average of 8.82 miles per day.  I plan on taking a rest in 2011, then build over the next couple years as I learn the Chicago area.

I think most of you probably follow Tony's blog, but if not check out his yearly total