Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upcoming Races//Day 19 Taking Train

I've got my race calendar laid out for the rest of the year: 

Voyageur Trail Race - 30 Jul - DNF 28 mi in 7:07
Dog Days of Summer 5K - 4 Aug (Actually only 3 mi - 18:25 (1st in age)
Duathlon 20 min bike/run - 18 Aug
Palos Hills 32 mi - 20 Aug
Fort 2 Base - 11 Sep
NorthCoast 24 - 16 Sep
Fall Classic 5K - 20 Sep
Willow Glen 10K - 15 Oct

After Oct I bet it will be too cold to enjoy racing so I have not planned on paying for any races throughout the winter.  Maybe I will change my mind, but for now I'm thinking no.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from Annual Training and back on the running trail (Up to 18 day taking train)

Well we got back from Ft. Custer MI last Friday, and now I am about to get a rest.  I signed up for a 50 miler in Carlton, MN.  It should be good weather and fun, but I dread the 8 hour drive.  I don't know why I do that to myself.  My boss is giving me most of the day off on Friday, so I can take my time getting up there.  Maybe this time I will not quit.  I haven't been running a lot, so I hope muscle memory will pull me through?  Anyway, this is what makes my wheels turn and like the title of this blog says, the journey is half the fun. 

Here is a picture of my Company at AT, Ft. Custer. I am second row all the way to the left (away from the guidon).