Friday, May 18, 2012

Cornbelt 24 Hour - 71.4 mi

Well, just over the 20 minute per mile pace, but that is fine.  I was able to post 71.4 miles.  It seems like I am just stuck on that same distance; however, I really enjoyed myself and took two, two hour breaks so all-in-all I can only blame myself for not pushing harder in order to get over the 80 mile hump.  My 50 mile split was 12:40:36, so that tell you that it took me another 11 hours and almost 20 minutes to put on just 21 more miles.  That is pretty sad, but it is the reality of the distance/time.  Also, not to make excuses for myself but the four hour drive down and back doesn't help the issue (I will echo this when I drive 7 hours in Sep for North Coast 24; why do I torture myself and how can I expect a good performance after sleeping a couple hours in the car after driving all night after work on Friday?). 

I couldn't believe this race was manually timed, however, I loved the interaction with the volunteers and think I far favor this type of race instead of chip timed. 

I cannot say enough good things about this race, and to tell you the truth, even though my performance was lacking in distance, I had a great time and feel comfortable with it.  Maybe I will do better later in the season; I have two more 24 hour events scheduled later in the year, but for now I am focused on getting through the trail 100K scheduled for 2 June; odds are stacked against me because I will be flying in from Orlando late the night before and have to get up and perform early the next morning.  I will see how it goes.  My schedule over the next few weeks; work until 25 May when I fly home for four days; return to work for one day, then off to Orlando for three days then BAM; 100K race.  I'll be happy to make the 18 hour cut off; boy don't want to repeat last year's DNF.

Friday, May 4, 2012

3 Mile Race On Great Lakes - 18:45

Had a fun day yesterday and posted an 18:45 for the 3 mile race on Great Lakes, which was good enough for a win in my age group.  I'm taking a one day taper before the Cornbelt 24 Hour race that starts tomorrow morning at 0700 in Iowa.