Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best Month Ever - 406.1 Miles....

I'm really stoked to go so far beyond my previous months miles.  I've never even gotten 300 miles in a single month and now this month I'm at 406.1 miles and will probably run a few more miles  tonight!  What a month.  It may be hard to pull back, but I really want to be fresh for JJ100 later next month! 

Only a week left until I'll be back home; sure have been missing my little boy and girls!

Great cost per mile $155 against the 406 miles makes my per mile cost only $.38.  I'm sitting at $.61 cents per mile so far, but have an expensive Oct and Dec ahead of me, but think I will have less than one dollar per mile. 

I'm really thinking about a new Garmin or a bike to ride to work and back, but I'll hold off for a short time and maybe until next year, but if I make one of those big purchases it will take my per mile cost over $1. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Javelina 12 Hour - 10:38:17

Nice night for a run out on the Pemperton Trail.  I was able to kick out 3 X 15.4 mile loops for 75K in 10:38:17 for 13th place overall and 10th in the 75KM race.  It was a nice night for a run.  Fairly warm at the start but after the sun went down it was comfortable.  I was going through 80 ounces of water every hour, and needed it.  On the actual JJ100 it will help to have the three aid stations, so I can only carry one 20 ounce bottle.  It is funny how every race has its own challenges, but I felt pretty tired and broken down on the third lap, when I shouldn't have, yet that may be due to my high miles that I've been putting over the past three weeks.  Overall in hopes that this work will come together and my body will be ready to get the job done at JJ100 in just a few weeks.  Now my mind is a whole nother issue.  I can not give up.  I'm trying to get a pacer to help me out with that aspect.  One of my friends ran with me during lap number two, which made it almost effortless!  Now I need that friend to help me on lap 6 and kick my ass to finish up with lap 7.  My miles for this past week was 90!!! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just a few days before 12 Hour Javelina Run

I can't wait to be back on the Javelina Trail at the McDowell Mountain Range.  After getting in 90 miles last week, I'm looking forward to another great week with a long run on Saturday night.  This seems to be the perfect fit and last really long run before the race in October.  Now it will be left to be seen if I have the energy for three or four 15 mile loops!  It sure would be a confidence booster if I could get 62 miles in 12 hours, leaving only 38 miles for the final 18 hours.  It sure has been an adventure with the training this year. 

This week I'm supposed to know where I will be stationed after I'm done with this course.  How exciting! 

The 24 Hour National Championship finished today and friend Nick Coury placed third securing a spot on the US National Team that will be going to Switzerland Next year to take on the World.  How incredible for him!   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Week in a Long Time

I'm sitting at 87 miles for the week and may go out for a few miles tonight.  I'm feeling a little tired, but going to try to keep the miles up at least over 60 miles a week for four more weeks.  I had a great time last night with the Huachuca Howlers Hash, and this morning with the day time Huachuca Hash House Harriers.  I love running with the hash for the great people, and an opportunity to see the city from trails/allies that you normally wouldn't go through.  We were running in pitch darkness through overgrown washes last night that scratched up your legs really good, but it was all in good fun.  Also, who doesn't love a few good 'down-down' songs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Army APFT - 283

Took the Army Physical Fitness Test today, and was able to get a 283/300, which is right on par for me. 

Push Ups: 56
Sit Ups:  82
2 Mile Run: 12:16

I was the fastest in my class of 75, but only by about 7 seconds.  I was able to negative split the run with 6:10 out and 6:06 back.  My legs still feel like tree stumps, but I'm going to try to keep the overload up and get over 70 miles for this week and 80 miles next week followed by the 50 miles I'm going to try to get at the Javelina 12 Night Run on 25 Sep. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to back "Long Runs"

Had a nice run yesterday up in the mountains.  One mile was 23 minutes followed by 20 minutes, which tells you how steep the climb was, and how tired I was. All in all I got in 14.5 miles in just under 3 hours.  It was a nice way to end the week that resulted 66 miles.  Just a few more weeks of high miles then time to rest for JJ100.

Today I got in another 13.6 miles mostly on the roads, but still averaged 10:23 per mile.  I'm feeling very sluggish, but going to focus on getting in even more miles so that I have something to tapper from.  Maybe I'm a fool for doing Mt. Lemmon a week before JJ100, but I don't want to miss such a wonderful course right in my backyard.  It is rare to be within one hour of a race that is called the "toughest one" in the country and only all uphill marathon.  I plan to take it easy during the race and not do much else the week before and the final week before JJ100.  Who knows, and the results will prove itself. 

I'm pretty happy with my monthly miles so far.  I'm sitting at just over 168 miles and may be able to get in over 300 miles for the first time in my life.  I've gotten 294 before, but never 300. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Planning on a long run in the Huachuca Mountains - A Day to Remember

What a day, September 11th, 2010.  This day sets heavy in my heart.  The reason behind my continued service and what has meant so much to me over the past decade has much to do with what happened in 2001.  I cannot forget nor can I rest my heart. 

I plan on doing a long run, but lets see how far I really go.  I'm charging up my Garmin right now and will head out to the Huachuca Mountains in just a few minutes. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting back at it again....

Almost fully recovered now. I was able to run 4.5 mi ave 8:38 and felt pretty good.  Looking forward to the 12 night run later this month.  I'm in hopes of getting a full 50 miles if not more. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buckeye Endurance Run Kicked my Butt!! 85.7 miles in 26:23 and a big DNF

Well I only got credit for 100K, and a DNF for the 100 mile race but I do have a few things to be happy about during the Buckeye Endurance Race this weekend. 

I did not make my 100 mile attempt, but did set two age group state "resident" records along the way (50 miles and 100K). (update, there was another AZ resident that was 38 years old who kicked my but in the 50 mile and 100k split, so there are no records for me.  I think he posted 11 hours for the 100k and just over 8 for the 50 miles, so I'm not the stud that I once thought I was.  There was no 100 mile record for my age group, so that make the DNF even more painful, because I could have seen my name in the record books if I would not have quit.  Anyway, there is always another day, but as I get into the next few age groups the competition get tougher, plus I'll be heading out to a new state in just a few months from now.  Anyway, I went further in time (26 hours 23 minutes, and distance 85.7 miles) than ever before, which I consider a win or at least very good training for Javelina Jundred in October.

The incredible story was meeting some of the "marathon maniacs" that this race attracted due to the fact that it offered a night marathon (something rare).

The race attracted the current world record holder (Larry) who has done 105 marathons/ultras in a single year, and pursuer (Yolanda) Yolanda's website, who is well on her way to breaking that record this year. She pulled off an incredible "quad" this weekend, doing four marathons in four states in only three days; can you believe that? Also, the winner of the 100 mile race was maniac Ed, who has 45 marathons/ultras already this year. I could go on and on about what interesting people were out there and what a pleasure it was to get to know them as you ran/walked in the 500 meter circles.

I'm now sitting in my old office which is about 30 minutes from the race location recovering and drinking a couple tall PBR's and just trying to get my wits about myself.  My quads are hammered and I have this wicked heat rash/sun burn or something all over my upper thighs/ankles some of which are oozing puss (nice right).  Anyway, I'm going to sleep in my office before making the three hour drive back to Sierra Vista.

It is amazing that even with 200 plus miles per month that I'm not trained enough to complete a 100 miler.  Part of it is nutriention and part of it is a weak mind, but I'm really having trouble coming out on top of 100 mile attempts.  I know I need to do more long runs over 20 miles, but they are such a pain in the ass.  I much rather run two or three times a day to get my miles (and I pay for it). 

I should have some cool pictures in a few days as well as a link to all my splits and to the new state records when they are posted.   I can't believe that I'm so happy to set a 38 year old resident record of 50 miles in 11:34 and 100K in 15:23; those are really slow times, but I'm ok with that because of the 108 degree temps.  I know what a challenge it was for me and feel confident that I will lower those times in December when I take this same course on but with MUCH better weather!  I think I will also get the 50K (6:10). 

All in all it was a great day.  I'll post pictures when I can.