Monday, September 27, 2010

Javelina 12 Hour - 10:38:17

Nice night for a run out on the Pemperton Trail.  I was able to kick out 3 X 15.4 mile loops for 75K in 10:38:17 for 13th place overall and 10th in the 75KM race.  It was a nice night for a run.  Fairly warm at the start but after the sun went down it was comfortable.  I was going through 80 ounces of water every hour, and needed it.  On the actual JJ100 it will help to have the three aid stations, so I can only carry one 20 ounce bottle.  It is funny how every race has its own challenges, but I felt pretty tired and broken down on the third lap, when I shouldn't have, yet that may be due to my high miles that I've been putting over the past three weeks.  Overall in hopes that this work will come together and my body will be ready to get the job done at JJ100 in just a few weeks.  Now my mind is a whole nother issue.  I can not give up.  I'm trying to get a pacer to help me out with that aspect.  One of my friends ran with me during lap number two, which made it almost effortless!  Now I need that friend to help me on lap 6 and kick my ass to finish up with lap 7.  My miles for this past week was 90!!! 

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