Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best Month Ever - 406.1 Miles....

I'm really stoked to go so far beyond my previous months miles.  I've never even gotten 300 miles in a single month and now this month I'm at 406.1 miles and will probably run a few more miles  tonight!  What a month.  It may be hard to pull back, but I really want to be fresh for JJ100 later next month! 

Only a week left until I'll be back home; sure have been missing my little boy and girls!

Great cost per mile $155 against the 406 miles makes my per mile cost only $.38.  I'm sitting at $.61 cents per mile so far, but have an expensive Oct and Dec ahead of me, but think I will have less than one dollar per mile. 

I'm really thinking about a new Garmin or a bike to ride to work and back, but I'll hold off for a short time and maybe until next year, but if I make one of those big purchases it will take my per mile cost over $1. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice job staying under a buck a mile!

    You still doing Mt. Lemmon?