Friday, February 26, 2010

Won A Free Race - Arizona Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon ($55 Value)

My replacement at the Army job is coming and will be ground no later than 2 August 2010.  Check out what he will be up to until then.  Does that news article hurt my self esteem?  I know that a monkey can do my job, but do they have to rub it in and send one that also has a smoking/drinking problem.  Well I hope my Soldiers like him and I hope he treats them well. 

March is going to be a great month for running.  I have a full schedule.  On 6 March I have OP50, then I'm going to be sweeping the course at the Mesquite Canyon Trail on 20 March, and finally on 28 March I'll be enjoying the fruits of winning a writing contest and run the Arizona Distance Classic 1/2 Marthon.   I didn't know much about this Distance Classic Race, but I took a look at the website and last years results and see that in the half marathon there were 938 finishers.  This is a pretty big race to say the least!

The writing essay that allowed me to win the free race entry can be found here.  The race is in Oro Valley and from Interstat 10 take the Tangerine Road Exit and turn east and go about 13 miles to Innovation Park Drive and turn into the north Parking lot.  Here is a Google Map .  I'm going to have to leave the house at about 3 am to get there on time and to pick up the race packet from 5-6am.  Last year there were so many people, so I want to be ready and not be stressed.  Sounds like a nice month of March planned!  April will be slow with only one race planned, then one in May, but things may pop up?
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Here is a great article about my first running love of Hashing.    It has been a long time since I've been out Hashing, and a lot of it is that I know how much I LOVE to drink and how I don't want to get out of control and drink and drive like I use to do when I was running with the SFHHH.  It sure was a good time and if I had more self control I would love to get back out there and Hash a little.  Also, my wife really doesn't respect the club, because when we first started dating over 13 years ago I was big into it and she saw some of my running outfits/pictures and stories and was not impressed.  Even though the people are usually outstanding citizens, they are into a lot of drinking, nudity and general debauchery.  Maybe in another life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lady GaGa

Got The Flame from Lady GaGa today!  Great tracks, and I'm so cheap I got it from the library.  It is hard to go wrong with a beauty like GaGa. 

Being careful with the knee still, and a little worried that it will not heal in time for the race.  All I can do is take care of it and let time tell the story. 

2.8 mi in 24:52
1000 yds swimming in 17:41

I finished the Handmaid's Tale by Atwood and now reading some short stories by Assimov. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow Running

I'm doing some slow running/walking in order to take care of my knee problem.  I did leave my car at work last night and ran/walked to/from work, which is the 3.8 miles.  I've got a goal of leaving the car at work 50 times this year.  Now listen to some of these slow times:

Tues:  2.8 mi - 42:44
Tues:  3.8 mi - 49:38
Wed: 3.8 mi - 54:28

The 50 miler is 10 days away, so I need to do all I can to heal it and not do more damage.  I enjoyed the pool yesterday and swam 1600 yds in 28:41. 

Boy I'm getting excited to move out and on to a new job.  My replacement has received orders, so that means mine are not far behind.  I'll be heading to Ft. Huachuca for the Military Intelligence Captains Career Course sometime in the near future.  Then from there I will go where the Army tells me to go.  I'm really anxious to have a change of pace, even though it is almost certain that the next job will be more difficult, but there is only so much web surfing and running you can do before you start to wonder about your self worth. 

I see that I have been updated on the Javelina Jundred entrant website.  It is cool because the site has links to some of your past ultra performances.  There is a story about this race that I have to share.  I just found out that the Army Ten Miler is to be held on the same day, and if I would have known about that I would not have sent my $200 in and committed to the JJ100.  Last year the Army 10 Miler was held on the first weekend in Oct, so I thought it would be the same, and I would be able to do both races, but NO.  Last year I qualified for an all expense paid trip to Washington DC where we stayed in a swank hotel and received a lot of attention because the team I was leading won 1st place in the Army Reserve Team Division.  Well this year I will not be able to repeat that experience, because I'm not going to sacrifice my race entry fee and because the goal of hitting 100 miles burns pretty brightly.  This year I think I will make it.  I know what to expect, know the course and have the confidence of going 84 miles in 24 hours, which is a huge boost to my confidence.  Anyway that is the story, and with that first weekend in Oct now being open, I may run a tune up race called the Man Against Horse 50 Miler in Prescott AZ.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knee problems continue....

Just a slow run of 2.8 miles in 27:23 then 1100 yds of swimming in 19:40.  I'm a little worried about OP50, and if my knee will hold up, but it is what it is! 

I took the GRE yesterday and proved what a dolt I am.  The computer results are just rough estimates because they are not able to give percentiles, plus they have to grade the writing selections, but it looks like I am in the lower 15%.  I know I do very poorly on these tests, but it is also a reflection of the preperation.  I did some reading in a "idiots guide to GRE" and some on-line tests, but all in all I did not put that much effort into it; it shows.  I'll get official results in the mail in about two weeks. 

Despite my performance, I may be ahead of the game when compared with a bunch of other AGR Officers.  I'm in such a strange niche organization which isn't really active duty and not really reserves which make the population small.  They set aside a couple of seats a year to a year long Master Of Science Degree in Strategic Intelligence and even though I'm not that smart, I might get selected just because they have to give it to someone.  Some of my peers in this program are too lazy to even take the test, so that puts them out of the running.  Also, even though I'm a knuckle head, there are even bigger knuckle heads in this program.

I'm proud to serve the Army and I try to do a good job, but I must admit the cream of the crop are not attracted to the AGR program.  This is often a place where people go to finish out their 20 year and suck down a retirement.  The good people either stay Active Duty there whole career, or if they are really smart and have confidence in themselves they take their talents to the market place, where they really get down to work.  I've talked about it before in this blog, but I have to bring it up again that I'm in a huge union where everyone is promoted based on time of service and a very small select group (less than 5%) are either promoted ahead of schedule based on performance or late again based on poor performance.  Also the percentage of those put out of service due to unacceptable performance is even lower because it is so very hard to push someone completely out and much easier to transfer the problem person.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tom Thumb 50K Turns Into 25 Miles - 6:04:12

Well, it happens sometimes you have to listen to your body and take the road that will lead to the least injury.  After about 19 miles the trail offered a split where you could go back up the Mountain and do the complete 50K or return back to home base along relatively flat ground.  I was suffering pretty bad knee problems and by the last two miles I was knocked back to a slow walk with bad pain with every step.  I'll take much of the next two weeks off so I can have a prayer of finishing the Old Pueblo 50 miler on 6 March 2010.  I am fit enough, now I just have to make sure I'm not injured.  I can't believe I've gone almost two years with pretty high mileage without a problem, but now I've had this nagging knee issue since the beginning of this month.  I bought some expensive Glucosamine Chondroitin pills in hopes that it helps, but I wonder if those really work? 

My splits: 
.1 mi 2:08
25.1 mi in 6:04:12 ave 14:30 per mile

Anyway, I'm also going to be a wimp and go to the doctor today to see what he may suggest and if he can recommend and/or prescribe some hardware that may help me on my run.  I'm all about insurance paying for some of the things that I will need instead of paying out of pocket; even these Glucosamine pills cost an arm and a leg. 

Oh and now to talk about another reason why I pulled up from the 50K and ran only 25.  We had beautiful weather for about 3 1/2 hours of the race, then the clouds rolled in and a very cold rain pelted us for about 45 minutes.  I was more than half way up the beautiful Tom Thumb trial when the clouds hit me, granted it was beautiful in its own right, but it was very cold and I was not prepared for the drastic change in temperature.  I had a wicking long sleeve shirt, that had very little weight to it, and gloves, but they soon became soaked and made my hands even more cold.  All this is too bad because the clouds made it impossible to see further than about 100 ft, and the view from the summit is supposed to be to die for, yet I was not going to wait for a view.  I made it to the top and quickly headed down the other side looking for the aide station.  The summit was at about 16 miles into the race, and the aide station was at 18.6 miles.  As I took a short break to fill up on fluids and to take in some much needed salt and calories, I pondered if I really wanted to continue to freeze and make the whole 50K and go back up the mountain, or just go back to the car where I could warm up.  What made the decision worse is that I came to the water station with a couple older gentlemen who decided to go on and conquer the mountain for the full 50K.  With or without a nagging injury telling me to go back pride still suffered, but when it is all said and done I did the right thing! 

I've included a few pictures of the area, someday I may carry a camera, but for now there are enough images on line to meet my needs for this blog.  To say the least it was a very memorable run and I'm glad to have travelled this trail and experienced it despite the bad weather.  Tom Thumb will be a great memory I will treasure! 

I think I know what I have and it is called Iliotabial Band Syndrome and here are some stretches I need to do, along with the normal RICE strategy.  I'll go and buy a bag of peas to use as my ice bag and ice it down good tonight.  I was doing some research and some say these are the main factors for this type of pain:
* Exercising on hard surfaces like concrete (I do a lot of that)
* Exercising on uneven ground (I do a lot of that)
* Beginning an exercise program after a long lay-off period (okey I've been pretty steady with my program)
* Increasing exercise intensity or duration too quickly (I've done four marathon lenght races in four weeks; so guilty again)
* Exercising in worn out or ill fitting shoes (I've been trying to stretch my running shoes to save a few dollars)
* Excessive uphill or downhill running (especially yesterday and at the Sedona Marathon a couple weeks ago when this really reared its ugly head)

So even though it does not come up often, my lack of stretching comes to haunt me.  I need to do more and I need to do some more strength training.  As for now I will be in the pool more to keep my fitness while my knee heals.

Today proved to be the first day of not running due to injury in a long, long time.  I feel strange sitting the day out, but it is just what I need.  I will hit the pool tomorrow and get a good workout there to make up for the lost running, however, nothing compares to the road.  I went to urgent care just to see if they would prescribe a IT Band, and they did along with some 800 MG Ibuprofen and some Vicoden.  I'll save the good stuff for Old Pueblo, just in case I'm hurting out on the race course!! Hope this heals very soon, so I don't have to make drama out of an everyday thing. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party

Interesting time for politics.  It is very interesting how so much blame is being pointed at the current administration.  Those of you who know me, know that I am a far left liberal, but when I look at the biggest issues we face today I find that the Republicans are just as guilty when they are in power.  Maybe this time government has gotten bigger faster and debt rising faster, but don't be fooled Bush/Regean and others did not make government smaller when they were in power.  Furthermore the business of Congress is broken on both sides; pork is the problem, but if they did not bring it home they would not be doing their job.  So where does this bring us?  Tea Party?  As much as I don't  like many of there stances, especially on social issues, I do like where a third party may take us.  We need a completely different way of doing governmental business.  I'm afraid a complete breakdown of the system is the only way out, because no one really has the ability to change the system by themselves. 

I'll be happy to give this pile of problems over to the Republicans so we can blame them and say "no" to every solution that they may come up with because they will not be able to fix this problem any faster or without serious sacrifice, which is probably the answer to this mess.  I fear that collectively we will keep kicking this can down the road until there is no longer a choice and we have to deal with it in a drastic fashion.  No one wants to admit that we will need to bring in more money (taxes), we will need to bring our costly expeditionary troops home and draw down the out of control expenditiures on defense (and countless other areas that do not add value) and focus on educating our population and offering something to the world of value.  When we finally are forced to deal with run away inflation and a dollar that isn't worth crap, then and probably only then, will the sheeple of America put down their video games, movies, 100+ channel cable TV, internet equipped phones and all the other distractors and get to work making money, going to school or putting time into what is really important like family.  We have been distracted for so long and we have let the military industrial complex and deficit spending float the boat long enough, but piper may be just around the corner and he will demand his payment even if it comes at the cost of selling the plankes from the sinking boat.

Well I guess that was a lengthy rant, but I feel I need to let it out sometimes!  Sometimes I think this is another big robbery of wealth from the workers.  All we need now is a greater divide of the rich/poor in this country.  It seems like run away capitalism may be failing before our very eyes.  It ran its course and was fun while it lasted, but will it come out alive if we run into further recession/depression.  I don't like to be an alarmist, but I don't think we are out of the woodwork of this economic mess just yet and I think we are in for a "Fourth  Turning" within the next 3-5 years.  We are looking down the barrel of the next crises that occurs every 80-100 year saeculum.  History is full of examples of what we are about to face including in our countries short history:  American Revolution, Civil War, WWII/Depression and what is about to happen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leave Car at Home Once a Week?

I'm on a new kick to do my part to save money and help the enviornment.  I'm going to see if I can keep the car at home at least one day a week.  I drove to work and brought enough cloths/food that I will not need to have it tonight.  I'll run home tonight, then run to work in the morning leaving the car at work overnight.  Even though I live pretty close, I burn about a half a gallon of gas a day or about $1.50 a day for gas/maintenance.

Got 12.6 miles in yesterday.  Eight miles in the morning 1:05:46, then 4.6 miles on the treadmill in 34:50.  Today I hit 7.2 miles in 59:41, and will be able to get 3.7 more miles tonight running home.  Looking forward to about a 70 mile week and a nice 50K run this weekend, it looks like nice weather.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tom Thumb 50K Prep

I had a wonderful weekend with my wife and kids!  We spent a lot of time at the Children's Discovery Museum.  Our camera was not working but here are a few pictures so you get a little idea of all the adventures the children get to enjoy.  We went there three of the four days that I was home then spent some time at the Arena Green, Childrens Park, near the HP Pavilion, downtown San Jose.  I will not be back home until 11 March 2010, so I will miss their cute little voices so very much!   

You have got to love the AGR program and how we turn national holidays into four day vacations.  This is the best gig in the world and if more people knew of the abuse there would be more questions of our Reserve Military leaders.  It would be different if the FTS (full-time-staff, i.e. AGR Soldiers) deployed on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter is that we don't, so we do not deserve such liberal time off.  Anyway, I'm small peanuts in the organization, and who am I to question authority, I am better off shutting up and taking my time off. 

Only a few days left until my next running adventure.  I have the Tom Thumb 50K race this Saturday.  Here are the directions to the race in text form:

 Go out McDowell Rd towards SR 87 to Shea Blvd.  From there travel west on Shea Blvd to Saguaro Blvd, turn north.  From there continue through the town of Fountain Hills to Fountain Hills Blvd and turn right and travel four miles outside of town to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park Entrance.  Once inside you will follow the main road for about two miles until you see a sign for parking and the Pemperton Trailhead.  This is a Google Map Link
View Larger Map

There is a 0645 trail briefing then we will be off and running at 0700. I really don't know what to expect, but I got a message that there will be several water stops, which is great news because initially the information was that the first water stop would be at mile 19. I'm not big on carrying a lot of water, but in the weather we have now I would need to pack about 80-100oz, but now that I know there will be three water stops, I'm not worried at all, plus I know a good portion of the trail and know it is pretty easy.  Here is a link to the elevation profile, and a look at the route/course description

Short running week last week with only 38 miles logged. I'm looking to boost that up to about 60 this week then one more hard week before I back off a little before OP50.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going home to be with my wife and kids!

Can't wait; only a few more hours until I catch a plane to California to be with my family.  I can not to see if there are any new security regulations.  I'll get to the airport a couple hours early just.  It has been almost a month since I've seen them and it is like a cancer in my heart.  I feel like I'm missing so very much, but this was our decision since the Army pay is better than any other job I would be qualified for in San Jose.  We will be celebrating Leo's 4th birthday; his actual birthday was 8 Feb. 

Got off the road yesterday and ran 10.6 miles on a closeby park.  The trails were nice and I got a tad bit of climbing in as well.  The time for 10.6 miles was a slow 1:43:18 and I started to feel my knee/ankle hurt at the end.  I haven't ran today, but after today's run I'll take four days off of running to rest and recover.  I've been in a slump since Sedona, and not sure what I need to kick start myself again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My exciting life - LOST

Two days of really slow running but my knee seems to be feeling a little better.
Mon - 5.1 mi 53:12
Tue - 5.3 mi   52:18

Being the dork I am, I can not wait for the new episode of Lost.  Who doesn't love Kate? 

Also, I've been thinking of the 2010 Javelina Jundred, but haven't saved the $200 bucks for registration.  Can you tell I've got 100 miles written all over my face? 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little injury, hope it goes away fast //knee pain...

Well I thought I could do it all without any pain.  I've been lucky for about two years now, but after Sedona I've had knee pain and a little bit of pain in my achellies heel.  I wonder if they are related.  I ran seven really slow (1:24:23) and will wait until later today to test it out again.  I don't want to take time off because I'm really starting to feel strong now and don't want to lose any headway, but I'm not stupid either.  A couple days off or really slow will prevent a long recovery.  It just comes as such a surprise after running without problems for so long, and it is usually my back that gives me problems.

What happened during the Super Bowl?  I usually don't follow NFL, but I do watch the big game, as much for the commercials as the game.  This year I was not impressed with the commercials and little unhappy with the game.  I felt cheated with the Colts performance.  It seems like the second half they were defeated from the start.  Well it has been a long time coming for the Saints, and happy for them even if I was pulling for the Colts. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sedona Marathon Results - 3:29:38

What a beautiful race!  You could not have asked for a better race and better people!  I was able to run my race, with very little pain and clock a 3:29:38 or 8:00 per mile flat.  This race was a nice combination of about 40% dirt road and 60% roads, but the nice thing was the incredible scenery!  Sedona is breath taking, and the elevation was enough to just get your attention, but really not be a problem.  I enjoyed getting out of the flat lands of Phoenix for such a wonderful run.  Here is a link to another blog that has a lot of great information and pictures from the race.  Also  here is link with the race photos of me! 

I had pretty steady splits, but you can easily tell where the climbs came in.  You can see in the picture here that the elevation stayed at about 4400 feet, but we did have to deal with a few challenging climbs. 

I was thinking of actual trails, but was surprised by the off road portion.  There were dreams of soft ground, but this dirt road ended up being just as hard as the asphalt, and the washboard nature of the road made it actually a little annoying, yet who can complain when you have perfect weather (high 40's and low 50's) and absolute beauty all around you and all the volunteer support (18 aide stations along, with all that you might need)! 

My splits were as follows:
9:56 (half marathon 1:41:33)
3:29:38 ave 8:00
11th overall and 2nd in 35-39 age group

I'll post the link to the results as soon as they are posted. 

Also, here is a recent picture of my children at a local celebration.  I like to drink, but it looks like my children are getting an early start.  What more could a parent want?  (disclaimer:  little girl is drinking apple juice and my little boy has an un-opened Heineken, but glad he chose a beer with a little taste, but I'm try to teach him that Sierra Nevada tastes best).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Early Morning Tomorrow for Sedona Marathon

I got special permission to pick up my race bag/number/shirt tomorrow morning so I don't have to sleep in my car overnight.  Sedona is only about two hours away, but it is far enough that I would not drive back and forth.  Should have a great run tomorrow; sure is beautiful there and it is fun to run a race for the first time.  Looking for 3:26 or maybe a little slower if it raining (in the forecast 30%). 

Got 7.6 miles in yesterday in 61:10 yesterday, nice and easy.  I'll probably get in 4 or 5 miles today. 

I'm in the middle of another great book, The Handmaid's Tale by Atwood.  It is a logical progression of where women's rights my go in a future dystopia.  I'm only about 50 pages into it, but it really has a grip on me.  I'm not sure why I'm enjoying these dystopia's so much, but I am. 

At work I actually wrote an end of tour award and worked on my Volunteer Packet in hopes of someday getting another deployment.  If I ever hope to even dream of below the zone anything I need a little more to make me stand out, and this current job is not one that affords any standout actions.  I'm lucky I've got my running to help get my name out there, without that I'd be a real nobody.  Not sure why I try or care, because I'll probably move up even with the most minimally qualified Soldiers, but I still have a shred of self pride and want to try.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Boy back on the bandwagon.  I have my vice and it is Lost.  I really enjoyed the beginning of the end! 

Phoenix tax on the poor

Boy everyone is so afraid of taxes, or at least the media makes it sound that way, but somehow we will be paying 2% tax on food, which is so unfair in my view.  It does not take a genius to know that poor people spend more as a total percentage of income on food.  Well it is clear that there are more poor people than the rich and there will be only so much that they will take.  Often you hear of the 80/20% rule, and if only half of the 80% vote there will be change to the system.  The tea baggers have big voices and Fox News makes it sound like no one wants changes like the public option or any other change that may help the nations poorer people, however, we will see how long the party of "no" will last. 

Anyway, not to rant to much, but it seems like it comes down to not being able to sacrifice at all.  I've never heard so much complaining about taxes.  I keep hearing raising taxes will not increase government income.  So where to they expect to get the money, by cutting programs that poorer people use (rich people don't need the parks, librarys, HUD, welfare, community centers, and so many others) why don't they just say it like it is and say they want to further tax the poor a let the rich get richer and poor get poorer.  They must hate America because if there is any receipe for a failed state it is the continued polarization of the classes.  The poor will eventually revolt.  Wouldn't it be easier for the rich to pay a little bit extra and even if the wheels of the economy have to stall a little, then let us pay the piper now instead of heading on the path that we seem to be afraid to jump off. 

As much as we want to stick our head in the sand this Financial Post article argues that increased taxes are the only way out of the hole we have dug.  One can not simply keep on deficit spending and never pay the piper. 

Maybe it will shock you but take a look at how we spend our budget and see if there are some things that may be better cut?  I'm in the Defence Industry, but I think 23% of our government spending could be better spent.  Are you thinking this graphic is incorrect?  It comes from a reputalbe source.  Furthermore, do you hear people complaining about the socialist programs like Social Security, medicare and VA programs?  Those programs are applauded and counted on by millions, so not sure why so many are so scared of a little government help in the areas that truly make us human.  I'm willing to pay a little extra out of my pay check to know that I do not need to worry about if I'm going to be able to have basic health care.  For that matter to know that my fellow citizen, no matter what cards he has been dealt in life will be able to not worry about basic health care. 

Anyway on the running front I did two separate runs today, 5.3 miles in 48:37, then another 3 mile run with some friends in 30:43.  Nice easy running before the marathon this weekend.  I don't have a real goal time, but plan to run strong and steady.  This is a rare race that gives awards 5 deep in the age divisions and last year the 35-39 year old men proved pretty competive with times of the first five ranging from 2:45 to 3:26.  I'd love to be in the top five, but I'm not going to kill myself.  If it is not too hilly I think a 3:26 will be just about right for my time.  Anyway, couple more days of slow running then off to the race.  I should top just over 80 miles this week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commentary on the Cave Creek Marathon

Here is a great link that has video, pictures and all kinds of great things about the Cave Creek Marathon.  As more time goes by I become more fond of the memories.  If I were to be around next year I would be sure to run it again. 

I ran a slow 5.3 miles today in 52:20 and yesterday 5 miles in about the same amount of time.  Still a little tender in my thighs.  I'm ready for Sedona, and glad it will not be a trail race, I'm ready for some great scenery without out pounding my legs. 

I hate to write about this, but I have been suffering incredible chaffing on runs over three hours.  I bought a pair of Saxx Performance underware that cost me $42, and hope it helps.  The pain is in a place that I don't like to talk about, but these underware are suppose to help.  Has anyone tried them.  I'll give a report after I try them out.  I may be simply the biggest fool to spend so much money on a single pair of underware?  Great name for a product? 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Marathons in Two Days

What an incredible weekend.  I was able to qualify for Boston at the Desert Classic Marathon.  My time was 3:12:48, which gave me several minutes before the 3:15 cut off time for qualification.  My splits are as follows (this is not the actual road, but it is very similar, long out and back race in Surprise Arizona):

ave 7:22
out 1:30:00 back 1:42:48

My journey did not end there, as a reward I thought it would be a great idea to be a real Marathon Maniac and run a second marathon in as many days, so I drove out and did the Cave Creek Marathon.  Maybe I'm a little crazy, but I thought it would be good training for my upcoming 50 Miler later in March (sandwich long runs) .  Even though it was just a marathon, it was very difficult and took me 7:37:28 or 17:28 per mile (slowest marathon ever).  There were so many river crossings and over 6200ft of climbing.  Here is a link to a page full of pictures so you have an idea.  I probably would not have done the race if I would have know about the river crossings.  There was not a single minute after the first five minutes that my feet were not soaking wet, and had a few rocks in my shoes.  The scenery was great, and I'm glad that I did it, because it was outside of my comfort zone!  There was about 50 people in the race and I am sad to say that I was about the last one to finish.    Well now to relax and get ready for Sedona this weekend, and enjoy the great weather while we have it.

On the career front I got a call from my career manager and found out that my class date of 22 Aug 10 is confirmed.  Also, I will have my replacement on 2 Aug 10.  I'm really looking for a change of life.