Monday, February 8, 2010

Little injury, hope it goes away fast //knee pain...

Well I thought I could do it all without any pain.  I've been lucky for about two years now, but after Sedona I've had knee pain and a little bit of pain in my achellies heel.  I wonder if they are related.  I ran seven really slow (1:24:23) and will wait until later today to test it out again.  I don't want to take time off because I'm really starting to feel strong now and don't want to lose any headway, but I'm not stupid either.  A couple days off or really slow will prevent a long recovery.  It just comes as such a surprise after running without problems for so long, and it is usually my back that gives me problems.

What happened during the Super Bowl?  I usually don't follow NFL, but I do watch the big game, as much for the commercials as the game.  This year I was not impressed with the commercials and little unhappy with the game.  I felt cheated with the Colts performance.  It seems like the second half they were defeated from the start.  Well it has been a long time coming for the Saints, and happy for them even if I was pulling for the Colts. 

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