Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tom Thumb 50K Prep

I had a wonderful weekend with my wife and kids!  We spent a lot of time at the Children's Discovery Museum.  Our camera was not working but here are a few pictures so you get a little idea of all the adventures the children get to enjoy.  We went there three of the four days that I was home then spent some time at the Arena Green, Childrens Park, near the HP Pavilion, downtown San Jose.  I will not be back home until 11 March 2010, so I will miss their cute little voices so very much!   

You have got to love the AGR program and how we turn national holidays into four day vacations.  This is the best gig in the world and if more people knew of the abuse there would be more questions of our Reserve Military leaders.  It would be different if the FTS (full-time-staff, i.e. AGR Soldiers) deployed on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter is that we don't, so we do not deserve such liberal time off.  Anyway, I'm small peanuts in the organization, and who am I to question authority, I am better off shutting up and taking my time off. 

Only a few days left until my next running adventure.  I have the Tom Thumb 50K race this Saturday.  Here are the directions to the race in text form:

 Go out McDowell Rd towards SR 87 to Shea Blvd.  From there travel west on Shea Blvd to Saguaro Blvd, turn north.  From there continue through the town of Fountain Hills to Fountain Hills Blvd and turn right and travel four miles outside of town to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park Entrance.  Once inside you will follow the main road for about two miles until you see a sign for parking and the Pemperton Trailhead.  This is a Google Map Link
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There is a 0645 trail briefing then we will be off and running at 0700. I really don't know what to expect, but I got a message that there will be several water stops, which is great news because initially the information was that the first water stop would be at mile 19. I'm not big on carrying a lot of water, but in the weather we have now I would need to pack about 80-100oz, but now that I know there will be three water stops, I'm not worried at all, plus I know a good portion of the trail and know it is pretty easy.  Here is a link to the elevation profile, and a look at the route/course description

Short running week last week with only 38 miles logged. I'm looking to boost that up to about 60 this week then one more hard week before I back off a little before OP50.

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