Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party

Interesting time for politics.  It is very interesting how so much blame is being pointed at the current administration.  Those of you who know me, know that I am a far left liberal, but when I look at the biggest issues we face today I find that the Republicans are just as guilty when they are in power.  Maybe this time government has gotten bigger faster and debt rising faster, but don't be fooled Bush/Regean and others did not make government smaller when they were in power.  Furthermore the business of Congress is broken on both sides; pork is the problem, but if they did not bring it home they would not be doing their job.  So where does this bring us?  Tea Party?  As much as I don't  like many of there stances, especially on social issues, I do like where a third party may take us.  We need a completely different way of doing governmental business.  I'm afraid a complete breakdown of the system is the only way out, because no one really has the ability to change the system by themselves. 

I'll be happy to give this pile of problems over to the Republicans so we can blame them and say "no" to every solution that they may come up with because they will not be able to fix this problem any faster or without serious sacrifice, which is probably the answer to this mess.  I fear that collectively we will keep kicking this can down the road until there is no longer a choice and we have to deal with it in a drastic fashion.  No one wants to admit that we will need to bring in more money (taxes), we will need to bring our costly expeditionary troops home and draw down the out of control expenditiures on defense (and countless other areas that do not add value) and focus on educating our population and offering something to the world of value.  When we finally are forced to deal with run away inflation and a dollar that isn't worth crap, then and probably only then, will the sheeple of America put down their video games, movies, 100+ channel cable TV, internet equipped phones and all the other distractors and get to work making money, going to school or putting time into what is really important like family.  We have been distracted for so long and we have let the military industrial complex and deficit spending float the boat long enough, but piper may be just around the corner and he will demand his payment even if it comes at the cost of selling the plankes from the sinking boat.

Well I guess that was a lengthy rant, but I feel I need to let it out sometimes!  Sometimes I think this is another big robbery of wealth from the workers.  All we need now is a greater divide of the rich/poor in this country.  It seems like run away capitalism may be failing before our very eyes.  It ran its course and was fun while it lasted, but will it come out alive if we run into further recession/depression.  I don't like to be an alarmist, but I don't think we are out of the woodwork of this economic mess just yet and I think we are in for a "Fourth  Turning" within the next 3-5 years.  We are looking down the barrel of the next crises that occurs every 80-100 year saeculum.  History is full of examples of what we are about to face including in our countries short history:  American Revolution, Civil War, WWII/Depression and what is about to happen.

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