Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knee problems continue....

Just a slow run of 2.8 miles in 27:23 then 1100 yds of swimming in 19:40.  I'm a little worried about OP50, and if my knee will hold up, but it is what it is! 

I took the GRE yesterday and proved what a dolt I am.  The computer results are just rough estimates because they are not able to give percentiles, plus they have to grade the writing selections, but it looks like I am in the lower 15%.  I know I do very poorly on these tests, but it is also a reflection of the preperation.  I did some reading in a "idiots guide to GRE" and some on-line tests, but all in all I did not put that much effort into it; it shows.  I'll get official results in the mail in about two weeks. 

Despite my performance, I may be ahead of the game when compared with a bunch of other AGR Officers.  I'm in such a strange niche organization which isn't really active duty and not really reserves which make the population small.  They set aside a couple of seats a year to a year long Master Of Science Degree in Strategic Intelligence and even though I'm not that smart, I might get selected just because they have to give it to someone.  Some of my peers in this program are too lazy to even take the test, so that puts them out of the running.  Also, even though I'm a knuckle head, there are even bigger knuckle heads in this program.

I'm proud to serve the Army and I try to do a good job, but I must admit the cream of the crop are not attracted to the AGR program.  This is often a place where people go to finish out their 20 year and suck down a retirement.  The good people either stay Active Duty there whole career, or if they are really smart and have confidence in themselves they take their talents to the market place, where they really get down to work.  I've talked about it before in this blog, but I have to bring it up again that I'm in a huge union where everyone is promoted based on time of service and a very small select group (less than 5%) are either promoted ahead of schedule based on performance or late again based on poor performance.  Also the percentage of those put out of service due to unacceptable performance is even lower because it is so very hard to push someone completely out and much easier to transfer the problem person.

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