Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commentary on the Cave Creek Marathon

Here is a great link that has video, pictures and all kinds of great things about the Cave Creek Marathon.  As more time goes by I become more fond of the memories.  If I were to be around next year I would be sure to run it again. 

I ran a slow 5.3 miles today in 52:20 and yesterday 5 miles in about the same amount of time.  Still a little tender in my thighs.  I'm ready for Sedona, and glad it will not be a trail race, I'm ready for some great scenery without out pounding my legs. 

I hate to write about this, but I have been suffering incredible chaffing on runs over three hours.  I bought a pair of Saxx Performance underware that cost me $42, and hope it helps.  The pain is in a place that I don't like to talk about, but these underware are suppose to help.  Has anyone tried them.  I'll give a report after I try them out.  I may be simply the biggest fool to spend so much money on a single pair of underware?  Great name for a product? 

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