Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going home to be with my wife and kids!

Can't wait; only a few more hours until I catch a plane to California to be with my family.  I can not to see if there are any new security regulations.  I'll get to the airport a couple hours early just.  It has been almost a month since I've seen them and it is like a cancer in my heart.  I feel like I'm missing so very much, but this was our decision since the Army pay is better than any other job I would be qualified for in San Jose.  We will be celebrating Leo's 4th birthday; his actual birthday was 8 Feb. 

Got off the road yesterday and ran 10.6 miles on a closeby park.  The trails were nice and I got a tad bit of climbing in as well.  The time for 10.6 miles was a slow 1:43:18 and I started to feel my knee/ankle hurt at the end.  I haven't ran today, but after today's run I'll take four days off of running to rest and recover.  I've been in a slump since Sedona, and not sure what I need to kick start myself again.

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