Friday, February 5, 2010

Early Morning Tomorrow for Sedona Marathon

I got special permission to pick up my race bag/number/shirt tomorrow morning so I don't have to sleep in my car overnight.  Sedona is only about two hours away, but it is far enough that I would not drive back and forth.  Should have a great run tomorrow; sure is beautiful there and it is fun to run a race for the first time.  Looking for 3:26 or maybe a little slower if it raining (in the forecast 30%). 

Got 7.6 miles in yesterday in 61:10 yesterday, nice and easy.  I'll probably get in 4 or 5 miles today. 

I'm in the middle of another great book, The Handmaid's Tale by Atwood.  It is a logical progression of where women's rights my go in a future dystopia.  I'm only about 50 pages into it, but it really has a grip on me.  I'm not sure why I'm enjoying these dystopia's so much, but I am. 

At work I actually wrote an end of tour award and worked on my Volunteer Packet in hopes of someday getting another deployment.  If I ever hope to even dream of below the zone anything I need a little more to make me stand out, and this current job is not one that affords any standout actions.  I'm lucky I've got my running to help get my name out there, without that I'd be a real nobody.  Not sure why I try or care, because I'll probably move up even with the most minimally qualified Soldiers, but I still have a shred of self pride and want to try.

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