Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow Running

I'm doing some slow running/walking in order to take care of my knee problem.  I did leave my car at work last night and ran/walked to/from work, which is the 3.8 miles.  I've got a goal of leaving the car at work 50 times this year.  Now listen to some of these slow times:

Tues:  2.8 mi - 42:44
Tues:  3.8 mi - 49:38
Wed: 3.8 mi - 54:28

The 50 miler is 10 days away, so I need to do all I can to heal it and not do more damage.  I enjoyed the pool yesterday and swam 1600 yds in 28:41. 

Boy I'm getting excited to move out and on to a new job.  My replacement has received orders, so that means mine are not far behind.  I'll be heading to Ft. Huachuca for the Military Intelligence Captains Career Course sometime in the near future.  Then from there I will go where the Army tells me to go.  I'm really anxious to have a change of pace, even though it is almost certain that the next job will be more difficult, but there is only so much web surfing and running you can do before you start to wonder about your self worth. 

I see that I have been updated on the Javelina Jundred entrant website.  It is cool because the site has links to some of your past ultra performances.  There is a story about this race that I have to share.  I just found out that the Army Ten Miler is to be held on the same day, and if I would have known about that I would not have sent my $200 in and committed to the JJ100.  Last year the Army 10 Miler was held on the first weekend in Oct, so I thought it would be the same, and I would be able to do both races, but NO.  Last year I qualified for an all expense paid trip to Washington DC where we stayed in a swank hotel and received a lot of attention because the team I was leading won 1st place in the Army Reserve Team Division.  Well this year I will not be able to repeat that experience, because I'm not going to sacrifice my race entry fee and because the goal of hitting 100 miles burns pretty brightly.  This year I think I will make it.  I know what to expect, know the course and have the confidence of going 84 miles in 24 hours, which is a huge boost to my confidence.  Anyway that is the story, and with that first weekend in Oct now being open, I may run a tune up race called the Man Against Horse 50 Miler in Prescott AZ.

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