Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Breaker 10K - 40:36 // WIN

Had a fun run this weekend, and was able to pull out an outright win.  I must say this does not speak to my speed, but more about who showed up to the race.  There were about 150 people, but no local studs.  My time was officially 40:36, but my Garmin had me at 6.28 miles in 40:21, but who is counting?  My splits were as follows (guess where the hill was)
40:21 ave 6:25

I may never have an outright win again.  Also, what is up with the military intelligence Soldiers?  Out of all the students no one really came out with any speed and they let an old man beat them.  The results should be posted here in a few days.

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