Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

Kinda jonesing over not racing, but it will all go out of my mind once I get home on Thursday and celebrate my little girl's birthday.  It is hard to believe that she will be three in just a few days.  After 92 miles last week, I'm taking a calculated break and plan on only getting about 40 miles this week, and not worry about running while I'm at home with family (if it works out great, but if not it is time for a few days off). 

My next raceis not until the end of December, unless I decide to pay the big bucks and jump into the Tucson Marathon I've waited so long that it will cost me a pretty penny of $110, but I feel very fast and the course is perfect for a fast Boston Qualifier that lasts two years (this year already sold out, plus I've already qualified back in Jan).  Since I'll be living in Chicago, I might do Boston (link to the directions) again, but probably not since it is a 17 hour drive.  Maybe try to get into NYC Marathon, but that drive is every bit of 13 hours, so maybe not even that race?  Actually more realistic is the Chicago Marathon, and Twin Cities Marathons.  Maybe the Cincinnati Marathon (May 1st) or Grandma Marathon (8 hours away on June 18th) , but the race I am about to put money down on is scheduled for 9 April 2011, called McNaughton Park 100, and is a pretty easy 100 mile race, and here is some information about the IL Ultra Slam.


  1. Don't really know how you can call yourself a "runner" and act this way....good thing most real runners are nice, fair, honest people that I am proud to call myself one of. You're not and I would appreciate it if you would stop considering/calling yourself a runner and bringing us all down.

  2. Maybe your next blog should be less sole-searching and more soul-searching . . . .

  3. So you still plan on doing races as a bandit, huh? You are a disgrace. You are an embarrassment to the uniform that you wear.