Friday, October 29, 2010

Life after a hundred....

Well I added the loop splits link to the previous post and now have rested up a little.  Funny how not having an immediate race on the horizon changes your focus.  I've taken a couple days off and even the days that I have run, I haven't gone faster than a 10 minute mile.  Next week I'll ease back into high miles (maybe 50-60), because I don't want to lose my edge before Across the Years 24 Hour Race.  I really think 100 miles is a realistic goal and I plan to hit it again.  Here is a picture from the 100 mile race.

There was a cool article in Runners World about the race here.  Also lots of cool race photos can be found here!  It is amazing so many people could wear cool costumes.  I had to focus only on getting through the race.  I also hear people say they get easier after your first one.  I can't wait for December 31st for my next attempt!!

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