Monday, October 18, 2010

Mount Lemmon Marathon 5:26:34

Lot of fun this weekend at Mt. Lemmon Marathon. It was not what it was propped up to be, but it was still pretty hard. At the end I was feeling good and picked it up, but at 8000ft, something happened and I started to get tunnel vision.  I've never had that before.  Anyway, I slowed it down and was fine, but after the race I had a very upset stomach for about two hours.  Good fun!

More pictures are here search for Mount Lemmon race and lost and found. 

I placed 182nd out of 394 and the time of 5:26:14 (average pace of 12:28 per mile) was good enough to put me just faster than the average pace.  It goes without saying I'm a very average guy.

Here is a picture of me celebrating the end of the race and doing the YMCA hand motions along with the music. Just before this point is where I got my upset stomach and tunnel vision.

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