Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Four Leaving Car at Work. Badwater Roster Released Today; $895 Entry Fee

I saw that the official Badwater entrant list was released today.  What I didn't know was the huge entry fee for the race; $895.  Furthermore, the hoops you have to go through to be considered.  Check out this link for all the ins/outs of registration.  I would like to dream of doing this race someday, but it will take up to a decade of being in the sport and crewing for other people etc before I can ever really consider it.  I have a much healthier respect for anyone wearing a Badwater shirt now.  I've seen and met a few veterans of the race.  I'll be looking forward to following the race on-line. 

Nice easy walk/run home and back to work today for the fourth day of this year that I left my car at work.  I'm also picking up cans and saving them when I can find them so I can do a little good for the environment, but more than that to give me a few bucks for a race!  My time for the 3.8 mi to and from work:


I was able to also get a good swim in 1800 yds in 32:13.  I think that is a mile. 
You can tell that I'm still having a little trouble with my knee, so the slow pace continues.  Saturday should be fun!  Anyway, what would a 50 mile race be without a little story and challenge to make it interesting.  This is what the $118 is for; you have to earn the belt buckle.  Also, to make things interesting there is a slight chance of rain on race day.  Here is the current weather forecast, and it looks like the rain will hold off until Sunday; sure hope so! 

I can not wait to start watching the result of the Atacama Crossing, which is starting on 7 March.  This is part of the Four Desert Series, and I have a friend that should be in Chile now, but have not heard from him.  I hope he is doing fine, especially since I'm not sure if he arrived before the earthquake.  The race director will be posting the daily standings starting on the 7th. 

You got to love the DrudgeReport, they have this picture posted today, in reference to the "Nuclear Option" to pass health care.  I can not believe that the nation doesn't want this.  It goes against human nature to not want "free" health care.  I'm not a fool and know that to many affluent people it will be nothing free about it, but there are a lot more poor people than there are affluent people, but it seems like their voices are not being heard in all these polls I keep hearing from Fox News.  Rich and poor people alike would like to not worry about health care; basic human desire is to be healthy regardless of money.  I'm not sure why it is such a fight.  I don't hear crying about Social Security and Veterans Administration, both of which are Socialist programs if I ever heard of one.  Also, the military folks love their health care, and the retirement system is better than any union, not to mention the promotion system, at least in the Army is based on a common Union model that values time over any other aspect.  I don't think I've heard the end of the complaining from the right, and what seems worse is that on both sides of isle things seems to be balancing on the verge of violence.  Signs like these can be seen at Tea Party rallies.  Could we see civil war?  I doubt it, nor would call for it, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Very interesting link about the wacky world of Zentai.  I am interested in a suit of red for the Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run; always one for a lot of attention no matter how I have to get it!

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