Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Twelve Keeping Car at Work

I've got to keep running to and from work while the weather is great.  I love the springtime here in Phoenix.  The air is dry and the temperature is so very nice.  We will pay for it though in a few weeks.  I bought a few more running goodies using my birthday as an excuse to buy a nice pair of Tifosi Sunglasses and a package of three Drymax socks and some really good sunscreen.  The total damage was $89 and I've updated the post I wrote earlier tracking total running costs for the year.  March will set me back more than a dollar per mile, but I hope to get that back down under a dollar soon.  I put in for a lottery slot for the Across the Years 48 hour race on 30 Dec 2010.  If I do not make 100 miles at the Javelina Jundred, I surely will get 100 miles in 48 hours and thus my first 100 mile buckle is less than 9 months away.  I can not wait. 

I'm at 44 miles with one more training day this week and my knee feels  pretty good.  The Arizona Distance Classic is on Sunday, and I'll be stinking up the place because I'm still nervous about my knee.  I hope to at least keep a sub 9 minute pace, which is a far cry from my last half where I turned in a 89 minutes.  Well you can't be on your A game everyday. 

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