Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 8 Leaving Car at Home - Giving Back to Ultra Community Tomorrow Mesquite Canyon 50K

Should be an interesting weekend for health care reform.  Let us pray that it passes!  I saw an intersting article about a bill that may be passed that will pave the way for a military dictatorship.  I'm all for this and ready to support our Commander for life.  I'm ready for a radical change and proud to be in the Army that may support such a change in our government.  These radicals that are being so disrespectful towards our President on National TV need to pipe down before they are deemed to be belligerents and find themselves imprisoned.  Then we will see how quickly they want military tribunals?  They may get just what they want.  Ironically the military will need to be cleaned  up first. 

Was actually able to get in a little over 11 miles yesterday.  I ran from work to the gym then home for 7.5 miles in 1:32:59 or an average of 12:22 per mile then 3.9 mi to work today in 49:06 or an average of 12:39.  It is hard to write down these slow average paces when I'm used to training at 8 minutes per mile, but I have to try to take care of this knee.  I probably should not even be running at all, but like most runners that is something we will not do until we are totally hobbled.  For now I wrap my knee tight and go very slow with very little pounding action and it seems to be holding up just fine.  Running to work today I came across a desert fox crossing the road about 50 yards in front of me.  This type of beauty is what really keeps me coming back and keeps my heart in the run.  I've seen this same fox two other times since I've been here in Phoenix and each time I feel like I'm given a gift when I see his sleek graceful body dance across the road and into awaiting bushes. 

Tomorrow is the Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs where I will be helping out.  I'll be sweeping and covering about 18 miles of the 50K course.  I feel like this is an important thing to do for the sport. 

I signed up for two more races later in the year including the Flagstaff 50K on 12 June 2010, and put myself in for the Across the Years 24 Hour or 48 Hour race.  I put in for the 48 hour race as my first selection, but also selected the 24 hour race too, I'll just have to see how the lottery goes.  Currently there are over 125 people on the list, but I'm not sure which race each of them are trying to get into.  I want to do the 48 hour race to insure that I'll make 100 miles and get the buckle, but I'll really have to dig deep to come up with the $280 entry fee that will be due by 31 May 2010 if I get into the race.  If I get my second choice, the 24 hour race, the entry fee is only $180 with all the goodies or a low price of only $100 if I don't want all the goodies.  It should be interesting to see which race I will be selected for, of if I make it into the lottery at all.

I finished a great book by James Patterson called the Quickie.  Here is what I thought of it:

For some reason I have been staying away from the very commercial writers and their pulp, but for some reason I picked this one up and was not disappointed. James wove a very easy to read novel with twists and turns that kept me turning the pages.

I'm a slow reader, but was able to knock this out in two days.

The story followed the main character Lauren, who is a NYPD detective, through her vindictive affair that she had to get back at her husband, which she thought had cheated on her with.

Lauren's quickie affair ended up with her husband confronting the boyfriend and killing him, but the story takes interesting turns as Lauren covers up for her husband in an effort to make things "right".

As the story continues she discovers truths about her husband that will shock you and take you places you certainly would not expect. James keeps you guessing all the way to the end, and concludes the books in a way that will not leave a bad taste in your mouth. I thought he was going to end it tragically, but you will like the ending.

Also finished a great book by Chuck Palahniuk called Pygmy.  Here is what I thought of it:

Wow, the creativity that Chuck had to muster to write this book is stunning. Yes the writing style was hard to navigate, however, it was side splitting and spot on. What a concept to have a secret agent immigrate as a child with a final goal of "operation havoc".

It seemed like Chuck found all the seemingly normal parts of our lives and turned them into hilarious vignettes when seen through what would be a child raised in a very different authoritarian type of regime.

I'll never be able to look at porn, vibrators, or hear the words "pig-dog", "chesticles" without a chuckle.

Chuck grabs you by seat of your pants and forces you to look at the American Culture through a different lens and you can't help but laugh it especially when it is easily misunderstood.

Finally, you will find a very atypical ending to this work, but for me it worked nicely.

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