Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Extra Mile - Pam Reed Book Review - Day Seven Leaving Car at Work

First of all, March Madness is picks are for Kansas/Villanova to make it all the way, but for today and tomorrow I'm looking for big winners from Kansas, Oklahoma State, BYI, Texas, Clemson, and Xavier; the other games I'm not really following. 

Ran to and from work today, with a detour to the library which made it 4.6 miles one way:

17 March AM 3 miles - 31:25

17 March PM 4.6 mi - 55:22

18 March AM 3.8 mi - 50:36

You can still see that I'm having knee trouble and can barely call these running miles, but at least I'm getting out there.

I have ot give Pam's book a big thumbs up, even though I am four years behind in reading it (published in 2006).

Pam describes how difficult it can be to be a professional athlete and care for a family of seven (five children). This has to be true of any professional athlete, but since running is my sport I found it very interesting how she managed it all and even failed at some of the more important aspects of life, which I took as a warning in case I ever get out of control with my racing and constant pursuit of some greater challenge.

Pam might have gone on too much about the anorexia, but even that part of the story set the stage for how it may have actually helped her when she runs 100's/135 mile races.

I would recommend this easy read to anyone who is into ultra running. She is a true legend that you will want to know about. Who knows you will probably see her at a future race, and this would make for an easy ice breaker. This is a unique sport where you often get the opportunity to race/talk with the best in the world (especially in timed events where you may be running side by side despite being miles behind).

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