Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Left Car at Work Again #3; Going for 50 This Year!

Big news on the job front.  I got my orders, so I will actually be leaving Phoenix in August and heading to Ft. Huachuca for a six month class on how to be a better Intelligence Officer!  This is the last step I need to take before making the rank of Major in 2013 or 2014.  It will be nice to move on with the career and then take a new job and grow more so I can be more valuable to the larger organization.  If I'm not going to be allowed to deploy, I might as well learn how to update RLAS, ATRRS, ITRS and all the other workings of a battalion.  I should get a slot as an Assistant Operations Officer (AS3 sometimes called 'ass S3'); can't wait and sure hope it is on the left coast.  The worst thing for me and the family would be to be assigned to the East Coast.  I'll keep my fingers crossed! 

Almost no pain in the short runs that I am trying now, but I'm so very gun shy due to the effort I have to give this weekend.  I hope that I can get through it without a problem.  I ran the 3.8 mi to and from work in 45:01 and 50:51.  That is number three for me, going for 50 days of leaving the car at work for a grand savings of about $75 or the price of about one race.  This is good for me and the environment, so why not.  This may be more of a challenge when it is around 110 in the afternoon and 90's in the morning, so I may try to leave the car at work a couple times a week between now and May when it really starts to smoke around here.

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