Monday, March 29, 2010

Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon 1:43:29 ave 7:54

Very nice and easy race that resulted in a 1:43:29.  The most memorable part of the race was at the end I was sprinting to try to edge out a young guy next to me and my right leg totally gave out and I took a nose dive right before the finish line.  I have no idea what happened to my body, but  I felt my leg just go limp and I had no recovery time as I dove head first.  My right sholder took most of the impact, but after I scrambled to my feet to cross the line (yes I was beat out), I then saw the damage to my arm, right knee and some road burn on my right hip, but that is not the worst.  I looked down to click off my Garmin 405 and found it was all ate up with road rash too.  Amazingly it still works, but has a big gouge across the bezzel and band.  Boy I do not think I'll be sprinting to the finish again. 

I really enjoyed Oro Valley, and you can not beat the beauty of Mt. Lemmon and the Pusch Ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  These are the mountains surrounding the beautiful city of Oro Valley.  Also, this was a nice and easy road 1/2 marathon, so no footing issues and no drastic single track to deal with, which in contrast makes these races such a cake walk.

There should be some good pictures since it happened right at the finish line, here is the link for my pictures.  For a small town race there were a lot of people; 1100.  Also, there were a lot more women than men (440/690) come on guys get out there and get healthy.  I hope the men are doing something manly like fixing the cars or mowing the lawn instead of playing video games.

Finally some really good porno is coming our way.  Thanks to the 3D craze.  I think I may go see Alice in Wonderland today with my free ticket I got from giving blood.

I'm having trouble uploading images, but I think the National Championship will be between Duke and Michigan State.  I've had to change my brackets three times, but now I think this is a pretty solid pick.  I wonder if other people are having trouble with blogger too?

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