Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb Wrap Up - 189.9 Miles

Pretty slow running month since I've been dealing with this knee problem (IT Band) issue.  I was able to get in 189.9 miles this month, but last week was an incredible low of 19.5 miles.  Ironically, I also spent $189 on races and supporting the running habit, so I was at an even $1 a mile for the month.  Overall for the month of Jan/Feb I'm at $.76 per mile, which is where I want to be.  If I can get over this injury quickly the per mile cost will go down, but for now I've already paid for several more of the 2010 races and need to get healthy.  I'm a little worried I may put myself back several weeks by the effort this weekend.  The next thing on the horizon is volunteer work on 20 March, then a half-marathon on 28 March, but both of those are either volunteer work or a race I won in a writing contest, so if I can not go due to injury it will not be the end of the world.  I'll probably go even if I'm in pain, but probably walk/hobble through the efforts. 

I've been hitting the swimming pool more and just praying that my knee makes it through these 50 miles I have to run on Saturday.  I want this belt buckle pretty bad, and even if I have to walk much of it, hope I can finish.  Sure don't want another DNF, especially on a short course like 50 miles (100 is understandable, but not 50, especially with a generous 15 hour cut off time). 

I realized I have a friend that is either heading off to Chile to do a stage race called the Atacama Crossing.  The race starts on 7 March 2010 and the race directors just put out a message saying the race will go on despite the 8.8 earthquake.  The country needs the money and encourages the race to still be held.  I look forward to tracking his progress.  I look forward to tracking the race on this website.  The good news is that the main airport is already open.

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