Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care For All

What a historic day for universal health care.  I'm so proud to be an American.  It is time that health care is a basic human right.  You got to love some of the images coming out of the right, but I think they just need to give it a chance.  People probably said the same thing about Social Security and Medicare, but now try to take that away.  What is wrong with taking care of the old and sick?  I think that is the honorable thing a government should do, just as important as providing for our defense.  What is the purpose of government anyway? 

Got a few miles in without knee pain, but I can feel that it isn't quite healed up yet. 
2.8 mi - 35:26
2.6 mi - 27:28

I know these times can barely be called running, but it is all I can do without feeling like I am doing damage.  I heard a great quote:

Make Friends With Pain and You Will Never Be Lonely
Also had a great swim today, 1000yds in 16:09; fastest I've swam in a long time.

Yesterday I went out and helped with the Mesquite Caynon 50K race and swept the course.  I got in 21 miles while taking down signs, pulling hundreds of ribbons and staying with the last runner.  It took me 6 hours 25 minutes to cover the 21 miles or a pace of 18:23, but some of that was time stopped pulling down signs, so I don't feel too bad plus it was a lot of fun being out on the beautiful course.  Check out these photos and you will see why I had a good time.  Arizona does have some beauty, but you do have to look for it.  I was able to see countless lizards (one about 9 inches long that looked like a small dragon), and one small snake.  Also, during one section of the race with slick rock downhills I kept coming across a big black crow and I kept thinking is that bird a bad sign, so I took it very easy and made sure my footing was solid.  Anyway, it was a fun way to give back to the community; pay it forward style.  Maybe someday I'll want to put on a race and hope that someone would help me out, plus it was a lot more fun than sitting at an aid station.  I loved getting in the beautiful miles, even if it was slow.   

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