Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Fourteen Keeping Car at Work - March Roll Up

It actually looks like RNC Leader Steele missed out on a good party.  I'm not conservative, but it seems like they have good taste in clubs!

Mar 2010 - 242 miles versus cost for the month of $294 or a per mile cost of $1.21 per mile. So far this year I've spent $656 and ran 718 miles keeping the cost per mile at $.91.  Here is the link to where I'm keeping a running total of all the expenses for the year. 

Thanks a lot to Barefoot Ted and the author of Born to Run, I have to huge blisters on the balls of each foot.  Maybe I should have had the commen sense to not go for my first barefoot run on hot asphalt (probably over 100 degrees) and pack in about 1.8 miles in just under twenty minutes before putting on shoes.  I did feel some pain while running, but thought it was just my tender feet, but during the final two miles running home I felt the blisters forming and the pressure building as I was reduced to walking and balling up my toes to avoid pressure on the balls of my feet, which is ironically where I was trying to hit and avoid my heel striking.  Anyway, just one more reason to believe I am in the bottom 30% of the intelligence pool as evidence by my GRE scores.  So I learned a valuable lesson.  Here are the times for running home and then back to work this morning:

3.8 mi - 48:12
3.8 mi - 47:55

I was able to pop one of the blisters last night, but on my left foot the skin was so thick and it hurt when I tried to pop it, so I left it alone and it still has not popped.  I'm a real mess right now with the road burn healing, and now blisters on both feet.  I am barely running; call it hobbling. 

Nice graphic about our debt problem.  I can rant all day, but why do so many people have such a hard time admitting that we all need to pay a little bit more in taxes and pay this problem now instead of letting it grow into a crises.  It seems like both sides of the isle has a huge problem with it and just do not know how to solve the problem.  Maybe we need to make a huge change to our major entitlement programs?  Move the age to getting social security up to 70?  Change age of medicare eligibility?  Draw down the military?  There are a lot of ways to save boat loads of money, and we are going to have to do it sooner or later. 

I can't wait to go home tomorrow!  The weather is great in San Jose, and I'll be able to see all the work that has been done on our house.  It is almost done! 

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