Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Thirteen Leaving Car at Work

Slow running to and from work last night and this morning:
3.8 mi - 41:29
3.8 mi - 47:59
9.3 mi - 1:32:53 (ave 9:55) running with co-worker

Saw these interesting Marathon Stats on another great blog and had to drop it here.  It is interesting that median (middle) time for men in the marathon is in the 4:13-4:20 range.  Also, after running the latest half marathon where the women out numbered the men 440/690, I wondered if there were more women runnning marathons than men, but I see the statistics holding pretty steady with more men running marathons at the rate of 60/40 percent (even higher men population for ultras).  Now I want to make it clear, I do not mind having more women out on the course with us, in fact, they often add to the natural bueaty of the race!  Now back to the median times for men, I guess I'm not surprised, and glad I still can come in constistantly well under that time (at least on roads).  It is funny how I'm pulling futher and further away from the road marathon and being more interested in the trail 50K and longer race, if for nothing more than a better dollar/mile value.  I want to get a REAL experience from a race if I'm going to drop anywhere from $40-200 on a race.  I've entered a lottery for a 48 hour race and if I get accepted I'll be dropping the most money ever on a race $280, but when you think of dollar per mile I should be able to get 140 miles in 48 hours and make that race about $2 per mile, which to me seems like a bargin.   You will not find that value at a local 5K or even a road marathon. 

There was a wonderful full moon this morning and my run to work was beautiful!  I've got a great April planned out to include two trips home to be with my wonderful children and wife, (1-4 April and 22-27 April), jury duty scheduled for 9 April, also I've got one 50K Fun run race scheduled for 10 April and one race that I will be volunteering, which is Pat's Run.  I've signed up to do data entry in the ASU Locker room from 0445-0730 then working the kids race as a course marshal from 0815-1100.  Both of those jobs should be a lot of fun and it will be cool to see the inside of the ASU Locker Room, then to watch all the children and get a cool t-shirt.  Furthermore, it goes towards my goal to help out at least one race a year, and already this will be my second race to help out this year.  I looked at the $35 entry fee for the 4.2 mile race and decided I've got better things to spend my money on, but I sure would like to have the cool shirt and be a part of the energy of this incredible race! 

I've been trying a few new beers, and found a couple that are a little cheaper than my Sierra Nevada favorite.  I've never heard of Red Stripe, but have enjoyed this cheap beer that comes in 16 oz cans, and really found a great beer in the Fat Tire brand (IPA Pale Ale), which may be a little better than Sierra Nevada, but harder to find.

It is a little embarrassing, but I watched a little bit of the movie "House of Wax" with Paris Hilton.  What a bad actor she was, but I must admit she looked very hot, and I'm not crazy about blondes!  She had a make out scene that hit the spot, then she ran around for about the next half hour half dressed until she got a metal pipe threw her skull, which was the best part of her acting.

Also, you got to love the gun toting right wingers called the Hutaree!  Great picture guys and girls; looks like you would fit right in to Middle America.  Nice way to serve the God; with murder. 

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