Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GRE Scores - Day 6 Leaving Car at Work

Start the day off with a little glimpse into reality. I received my latest GRE scores and it wasn't pretty. I must admit I did very little preparation for the test, but at the same time these test do a very good job of indicating your ability/aptitude and preparation only helps out so much. My Registration number was 5490-983 and the scores went to the following locations (putting it here for future reference):

UI Columbia College (undergrad alum) Inst Code-6095 Dept Code-4201

GI Holy Names College (MBA alum) Inst Code-4059 Dept Code-2001

GI San Jose State University (Psych Dept) Inst Code-4687 Dept Code-2003

GI Natl Defense Intelligence College (MSSI) Inst Code-5205 Dept Code-1999

GI US Army Human Resource CMD Inst Code-5852 Dept Code-1902

Anyway here are the scores and percentages for the General Test held on Feb/2010

Verbal Score 390 (% below 32)
Quantitative Score 550 (% below 37)
Analytical Writing Score 3.5 (% below 23)

I guess that shows that I'm near the bottom quarter of people testing to get into graduate degree. This may come as a surprise knowing that I have a Master's Degree and that I was Summa Cum Laude in my undergraduate class and Magna Cum Laude in my Master's Program. I guess that just tells you that I know how to work the system without being all that smart. Anyway, at least now I have a valid score so when I apply for the Master of Science Degree in Strategic Intelligence at the National Defense Intelligence College (NDIC), I will have a fighting chance. They assign people to the course each year and I have several more years of eligibility, so who knows maybe I'll get picked up. There are also a few fellowship programs at Ivy League schools, but those are open to a much wider population, so I probably have little to no chance for those, but with the MSSI program, it is only open to Intelligence Officers and they one or two slots a year available, so just maybe? The other good thing is that some MI Officers don't want the degree, or don't want to live in DC, or are just too lazy to do the minimum things to be eligible, so that helps me out even more!! I'd love to get another masters degree and especially in this focused area which would make my MBA more valuable!

I was able to run very slowly despite still having smoked legs from the 50 miler two days ago. I left the car at work and ran/walked the 3.8 mi back and forth from work:


My knee didn't hurt much during the run, but is still tender to the touch and when I stretch it. I think this is a good sign and rest should solve this problem. I plan on not running from 12-16 March 2010 in order to have full rest, then get back into it after that. Oh, there is a new 12 Hour Race in May that I plan on running! I was looking for another long race for the summer and this one is in Buckeye which is only about 20 miles away and on a 500 meter loop course that I am familiar with (same course as Across the Years).

I just finished reading Birmingham 35; here are a few thoughts of the book:
Braziel was able to keep my attention, but thankfully it was less than 300 pages. I found the premise interesting and the beginning caught me up, but the format of the book with its switchbacks in time seemed to lead me to confusion and added nothing to the story. What is more he slipped in dreams that didn't add value to the story.

There were some redeeming qualities to include developing the characters well and painting a vivid picture of a not too far off future where the ozone layer has opened up causing suffocating drought and unbearable UV damage if one is to spend much time out in the sun. One can only guess what caused this hole, but it can be imagined it was due to man-made pollution.

Finally, the best part of the book was the introduction of a divided USA and how it effects a family. The main character Mat deals with having a ticket to the "Saved World" and the reality that his only family, his Dad, could not leave the world that he knew so well.

Even through marriage and the upcoming birth of his child, Mat could not bring himself to leave "home" either, even after the death of his Father, which the reader would have thought would have freed him.

This is a one that I would not spend much money on. I bought it for 50 cents at the library where it was being discarded and I think I got my money's worth, but it is not worth a penny more.

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