Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What are the Republicans Afraid Of? Do they want people to suffer?

"If you can't see the top (of a hill) walk."  - Interesting truth for ultra events.  Also, I like the advice I heard once to "not get winded or thirsty".  Both great advice for the ultra runner. 

Now that we have a new law and universal health care is a reality I wonder why the Republican's are screaming so loudly.  Do they not like what it does, or do they only worship debt so much that they want to continue on the road laid by President Bush and not accept a bill that is proven to save the country over 1 Trillion Dollars over the next couple of decades (per the independent CBO).  Here is what I love, they want to repeal things like this:

* End of the practice by insurance companies placing lifetime (or yearly) limits on payments for healthcare

* End of the practice of insurance companies denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions (would they rather these people just go to the emergency room and demand services at a cost that would easily be triple the normal cost and put more people at risk by having inappropriate people at the emergency room and crowding out the real emergency patients? Or worse yet do they just want these people to suck it up go without healthcare because they didn't work hard enough to be able to pay for the healthcare out of pocket?  We all have the same opportunities right, even someone with a long term illness and then loses a job and is now "not insurable.)

* Allowing children to be covered under parents health care until age 26.  Would they rather people in this age group be bound to have to have a full time job that provides health care or force them to have cash on hand, often resulting in the decision of going to the doctor or paying school bills?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a system set up so they can focus on school and provide them with the opportunities to learn and be the cogs of our economy?  An educated populace is usually a productive one. 

I could go on and on, but I think I will stop now and just hope the Tea Party/Republicans just stop being a sore loser and if the American public hates it so much then repeal it or shut their mouths.  They act like they will have nearly every seat in the House/Senate and be able to change things even over a Presidential Veto, since they will have over 75% of each (or at least you would think that by what they are saying on FoxNews). 

Also, you got to love the images and venom being spewed by the right. Check out this imagine posted on the Glen Beck site. You would think he is looking for a civil war, or at least make people worry about one so he can sell gold...oh wait, he is peddling gold; what a stand up guy that cares about America.

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