Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday; Day Eleven Keeping Car at Work

I was happy to see my face on the cover of the latest Arizona Road Racers Newsletter.  Strange how a mid or even back of the pack ultra runner can grace the cover, especially with the poor writing that I submitted.  I read over the piece and found many grammar errors, similar to those that riddle this blog. 

On the political front I was encouraged with this new report.  It is nice that our representatives may think the POTUS is the Anti-Christ.  Very nice right, something honorable to say and believe.  With all this talk and display of violence from the extreme right, I wonder if that will really translate into votes come the mid-term elections.  Do people really like to associate with such extreme views?  It seems like the Republican (read FoxNews) will not speak out against these actions and have the nerve to question the truth of the reports.  Someone on the right was probably responsible for putting a coffin in the yard of MO Rep. Carnahan; very mature and truthfully on the edge of being dangerous.   Seems like sore losers as they realize how irrelevant they truly are and how they are being left behind as the rest of the nation moves forward.  Their latest stunt is to shut down hearings in the House/Senate as they pout. 

With all these displays of what can only be called domestic terrorism (or at least intimidation) I wonder how quickly the right will be calling a spade a spade.  They wanted Maj Hasan called a terrorist, but when these far right Tea Party people throw rocks through windows, spit on Representatives, carry weapons to rallies or spew hate speech I doubt a word will be said about the danger of domestic terrorism.  Now I know the first shot has not been fired, but it seems like the leadership on the right is setting the stage. 

There is more good news today as Gates reports the softening of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" rule.  I'm so proud of this President for getting things done.  The timeline may not always be as quick as I would like, but he is delivering!  At least it is not more of the same old thing.  Sure, things may not work out, but at least the Democrats have the courage to try something new.  The past eight years was not all that great, now we are focusing on our own country more.  The old tricks of giving tax cuts to the rich didn't work, so now we are trying something new.  Sure we are in the hole more than when President Bush was in office, but he still ran a deficit each year, even while his party says they are for smaller government, yet practice the same type of big government as the Democrats.  At least we are spending money here in America and on building healthy people or on our banks/auto industry etc instead of focusing on destroying things overseas in War.  Well that is some of my thoughts anyway.

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