Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going Home! Go Duke and Michigan State!!

First of all Go Duke and Michigan State!

There is a new crack pot LTC in the Army who is going public with his "birther" concerns about President Obama.  Check out this link.  He makes all of us Officers look bad.  I hope he gets a quick BCD and a kick, but first hope he has to deploy, because that is probably his main motivation. 

In just a few hours I'll be home with my family! 

I was able to get 50.9 miles this week in a short five days.  I'll be taking the next three days totally off then a medium week before the 50K trail race on 10 April.  I can not wait to go up and run in Prescott.  They are adking us to bring meat and some type of drink to share.  It should be a nice 7 hours of running then eating together; hope I don't get lost.

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  1. That LTC is a douchebag. If he has so much time on his hands maybe he should try working on improving military healthcare, which sucks ass.