Friday, April 16, 2010

Saw the Doctor Today About My Back

Well went over to Luke AFB and picked up some Robaxin for my back.  I've been suffering from a tied up knot in my back for about a week now.  Seems like one thing gets healed and now it is something else.  I probably could have just worked it out myself, but it was nice to goof of part of the day and try some new muscle relaxers. 

Tomorrow I'm giving back to the running community by volunteering at the Pat's Run.  I'm going to do some data entry from 0400-0730, then help out with the kids race as a course marshal (pointing the kids in the right direction). 

It should be a nice way to spend the day and to get a t-shirt. I really hate to spend $35 dollars on a short race like this, but this race is a big deal in the the city so I wanted to be a part of it. 

I can not wait to hear the results from the Boston Marathon!! 

I've gotten 45 miles in so far this week and have one more training day.  I'm not sure how I will feel after getting up so early tomorrow, but will be sure to get in at least five more miles to get my bare minimum of 50 miles.  Next week I'll take off Th-Sat and then the following week from Sun-Tue, so it will be a nice forced rest.  Then a good week of training and off to the Whiskey Row Marathon and then three weeks later I'll do a 12 hour night run where I'm shooting for at least 50 miles, or if I'm really feeling good I'd love to get 100K!

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