Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Twenty-One Keeping Car At Work

All I can think of is being home with my family later tonight. I can not wait! Got me 45.3 miles this week with just four running days. Next week I'll only train four days too, but expect to get about the same amount of miles.

I sure hope my glory days are not over.  It looks like we will soon be pulling most of our troops out of Iraq and then be pulling out of Afghanistan shortly after that.  It is hard to think that I'm really headed on the downward slope of my military career.  Once I put on the major rank it will be all but over, because it will truly be staff work from there; plus I think they issue labotomy when you pin on major. 

I'm planning on taking the kids to the zoo, museum and even one day to San Francisco and take the boat from Oakland to SF.  It should be so much fun. 

Intersting talks of VAT and how much people are worried about it.  How can they scream about deficit, but have no real plan to lower it.  It seems like there is always a way to get out of paying taxes, so the VAT may be a way to force those to pay their taxes and not pay someone to find away to avoid them.  It is time to pay the piper, face it; plus realize you are living in the real world and no politician, liberal or conservative are willing to cut enough to make a difference.  The whole business of government is to grow, not cut, and no one is strong enough to stand up to that force that has cemented itself into the way we run our government. 


  1. I was raised a military brat. My dad is a retired Air Force Officer but now works for the Army on Fort Richardson up here in Alaska. I have a huge appreciation for the military. Thanks for all you do!

    Have fun with the kids in SF!

  2. Thanks so much. I happen to love the job so it is not necessary, but I do appreciate it when people recognize our service.

    I love your humor and respect your down to earth running/writing style. You are an incredible runner! Keep up the great work!