Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to Work

Crazy day spent at the doctor office today.  I got X-Rays on my back, which is still giving me trouble.  Then I went to the eye doctor and found out that I need glasses.  I'm a little upset about the glasses issue because I just got Lasik 7 years ago and already need glasses.  Let me see at just over 3K that is about $428 a year?  Is that a good deal to get rid of glasses?  Maybe that first year in Kuwait driving around with all that sand and not having to worry about glasses, maybe that made it worth it?  Now that the Army is funding Lasik, I'll see if they will re-do it. 

Nice six days off of running, but I found that taking care of three children is more exhausting than any ultra-marathon.  I went to bed each day so exhausted.  I'm surprised my wife and I had the energy to do the extra special thing that couples like to do.  Now I'm back at work and getting some rest.  I love my wife and have so much respect for the strength it takes to do her job.  I make the money, but do not work nearly as hard as she does, plus the children can be emotionally taxing.  I love my son so much, but a couple of times he really got under my skin, and that feeling really makes you feel so bad for letting yourself get so upset, especially by a four year old. 

Well a good 8 mile run today even though my back is bunched up in a knot.  The time was 1:08:50, and that puts me at 190 miles for the month.  I'll break 200 miles, and on 1 May I have Whiskey Row Marathon, so I hope the back gives me a break, so I can have a decent time that I can be proud of. 

Sure wish I was at Zane Grey 50, here are some incredible pictures.  Scott Jamie won the race beating out Karl Meltzer who broke his arm on the course and wimped out by not finishing the race (just a joke).  The whole day seemed like a lot of fun.  I wrestle with myself wondering if the course would be too much of a pain in the ass or a challenge that is really fun.  I doubt I'll ever be back in Arizona, so I will probably never do the race.  This is my last season in Arizona and it is kinda sad since I'm getting to know the people and the races.  Well I'll settle down soon enough in the San Francisco Bay Area and get to know all the ultra people there and be a regular at races like Mi Wok, Quicksilver, Firetrails, and the whole Pacific Coast Trail races. 

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