Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Sixteen Leaving Car at Work//Census Job Test

Kept the car at work again yesterday, but had to drive it today so I could go take the Census Test and possibly get hired to make a few bucks at night.  I only missed two questions out of 28, but with my 5 points Veterans Perference I should be at the top of the stack.  The pay is $15 an hour.  I want to be able to make enough to pay for the Vibram Five Fingers and the Across the Years race that I'm jonesing for.  I'm at 32 miles for the week with the upcoming 50K held on Saturday which is my last training day of the week; looking at a nice high milage week!

Just found out that the Hotfoot Hamster 12 Hour Night run will be a free event!  I can't wait.  I'm looking to see if I can get 100K in 12 hours and this will be the perfect chance.  It should be a hot night, but not too bad.  Also, I like to have a good reason to run long and have the support.  This is the same course as Across the Years, which I'm in the lottery.  I'll find out which race I make it into on 1 May.  Check out these great pictures of the race course:

Upcoming races: 
10 April - Copper Basin 50K
17 April - Pat's Run (Volunteer)
1 May - Whiskey Row Marathon
21 May - Hamster Hotfoot 12 Hour Night Run
12 June - Flagstaff 50K
24 Oct - Javelina Jundred
30 Dec - Across the Years 48 Hour Race (if accepted in lottery)

I'll be looking for something inbetween June and Oct, but I will also moving residency and may have slight disruptions in my training, and it seems like I always find something to do to keep my interest up.

I went to the local running store to buy Vibram Five Fingers, but found out that they were sold out.  I've been telling myself that I have to cut down on my running spending, so I'm kind of glad they were out, but the book Born to Run has me sold on the idea and I'll be running in a pair pretty soon.  I can not wait.  The running store said they can hold them for no more than 24 hours, due to the huge demand.  So I'm on the bandwagon of barefoot running.

On another note, I'm getting excited to watch the Boston Marathon.  I sure hope Meb Keflezighi or Ryan Hall can pull out a top three performance and put American on the marathon map!  This link talks about the 9 runners who have posted sub 2:07 times.  It should be a great race! 

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