Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pat's Run 4.2 miles - 27:37

Up very early to make it to the volunteer tent by 0400 and start data entry for the Pat's Run at 0445.  I did a couple hours of work then took off ot run in the event as a bandit.  It was a lot of fun and didn't cost me a penny.  I posted a 27:37 or average 6:38 over the 4.2 mile course.  I didn't feel guilty because with the chip timing I didn't disrupt the timing and I had a volunteer t-shirt, so as least I did something in exchange for running the race.  The field was incredible, over 25,000 people in this race; I couldn't believe it.  I started about three minutes after the start and was swimming up stream the whole time.  Anyway, I had a great time.  Also, I helped out with the kids race, helping with the wave starts, so we didn't have all 1000 plus kids running over each other.  What a great event that I'm proud to be a part of! 

I did my homeless act too gathering a few cans after the race.  I would have thought there would have been more cans laying around with all the people at the race, but I was only able to find about 12 cans to recycle. 

I went home and drank a few Odell IPA Pale Ale's and was in heaven; what great beer! 

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