Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Incredible National Championship! Go Duke! Day Fifteen Leaving Car At Work and Directions to Copper Basin 50K

First of all I have to mention the incredible game last night.  What an effort by Butler.  I really wanted Duke to win, but have to hand it to the underdogs and appreciate what a great display of athleticism!  The game was a joy to watch from start to finish! 

Ready for Copper Basin 50K this weekend.
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Start/Finish line is located at the Thumb Butte Day-Use Area. Coming into town from the east on Highway 69, continue on Gurly street until it turns into Thumb Butte. Continue 2 miles up the road to the picnic area on the right. We will be staged out of the Group Ramada area.

I hope to be able to post a more respectable time than I've been running lately. If the course is marked ok and it is not too difficult I hope to come in under 7 hours.  Here is a link to a lot of great pictures of the course I'll be running on this weekend!  It looks so beautiful! 

On 1 May 10 I'm looking forward to the Whiskey Row Marathon. Even though it is one of the harder road marathons, it will be a cake walk compared to these trail events. I am looking for a sub 4 hour performance, and glad I'm got my Boston Qualification out of the way.

Check out how crazy people can get equating President Obama with Hitler.   Looks like there is going to be a "reserve civilian militia" for health/disaster emergencies.  I'm not scared, and if you can't beat them join them.  That is my best advice to all those on the other side, watch your electronic profile, because if it gets bad it is too easy to see who are "enemies of the state".

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