Monday, April 5, 2010

Go Duke//Family life

Boy what a great visit I had with my children and wife.  Family life and the joy of a loving family are so clear to me now.  What wisdom there is in making a family and loving them with all your heart.  Anyway, mushy stuff, but who wants to hear about that from a 38 year old fart, because a lesson like that is something you have to experience to feel the full impact.  In my 20's I would never have guessed that children and a loving husband wife relationship could be so powerful.

Now to juxtapose what I just wrote I hope this topless protest trend cotinues!

It was nice to have several days off of running, but now I'm back at it.  Got 5.3 mi this morning in 45:23 and plan on getting in about four more miles this afternoon.  I have a 50K race/run this Saturday, so I'm on track for pretty big milage this week.  I'm looking to build back up and maybe get 250 miles this month, but it might be hard since I'm planning to take off running from 23-27 April while I am home visiting.  We will see how it goes. 

I'm still at about 50% for my March Madness picks, but I feel pretty comfortable now that Duke will take it.  I was really surprised that Butler pulled it off, however, at least it was a very good game.  I sure hope that the game tonight is a good one! 

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