Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 18 Leaving Car at Home

Not much else going on in life now.  I'm still enjoying Lost, and I'm at 25 miles for the week so far, with three training days left.  I've been drinking too much beer lately and tried to trick myself into cutting back by buying some really bad beer.  This trick worked long ago when I used to smoke.  I was spoiled living in Korea and smoked only Dunhill Lights, but then wanted to stop and bought a pack of "Pine" and that was the end of that.  My Busch Beer is the same idea.  Compared to Sierra Nevada, it is like drinking piss. 

Only five days until Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon!!  It is ironic that Patriots Day falls on the 15 Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the big march on DC by the Tea Party folks.  Part of me wonders if there will be violence, even if it is a false flag who fires the first shot.  Are we ready to crush these guys when they get out of hand?  I just hope these Tea Partiers don't cause any problems with the real issue of the day, the Boston Marathon! 

LTC Lakin (Lacking in brains) is in the news again.  Looks like he is going to get the book thrown at him.  I would think that he will get out of the deployment and get an early retirement before it makes its way through the court system.  I still think it is bad judgement to bring up "birther" claims in uniform right before deployment.  He should have picked a better time than right before heading out the door to do your duty, it makes him look like he is just a pussy and not the "patriot" that is questioning authority, which I have no problem with (out of uniform).  Anyway, it will be fun to watch this.  I just wouldn't want to be a Commander and have a bunch of my Soldiers use this same excuse.  We have a job to do in the military and actions like this only make it that much harder.

Finally, I found this Tea Party banner with multiple Rand references and had to post it, if for nothing more than my love for John Galt and Howard Roark.  I know you may think it is strange that me as a liberal can have hero's in such men, but there is something to be said about those who are the engine of society ("who is John Galt") and to those who demand true perfection (Howard Roark) despite what society tells us.  I cannot think of two better books than Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead. 

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