Monday, April 19, 2010

Camelback Mountain Run - 14.2 mi in 3:00:52 ave 12:44

Nice run yesterday up and over Camelback Mountain.  Three hours for a mere 14 miles may sound really slow, but part of that 14 miles was actual rock climbing.  Here are my mile splits, you can tell where the actual climbing came in.  I really need this run every now and then to remind me that my heart is off-road.  Too many of my miles are on roads or on the canal.  I feel so much better or "free" when I'm on the trail or climbing.  I can let go of my need to track every mile and to track how fast I'm going and just enjoy being outside letting the air flow in and out of me.  Too bad I don't live near some real trail and some forest.  I can not wait to get back "home" to San Jose so I can run in beautiful trails on a weekly basis. 

ave 12:44
14.2 mi

The Boston Marathon is over, and Ryan Hall was able to pull out a 4th place finish, which is really great.  His time of 2:08:41 is the fastest American time since 1994, so he should be very proud.  Also, a course record was set by the men with a time of 2:05:52, by a youngster who is only 21 years old.  Time to get him out on the trails.  The womens race was exciting with only three seconds between first and second ($150,000 vs $70,000), incredible. 

This is a picture of Robert Cheruiyot the mens champion.  I should be able to find an exciting picture of the female finish soon.  It should be awsome to see the finishing battle between Teyba Terkesson (ETH) and Tatyana Pushkareve (RUS) with their times of 2:26:11 and 2:26:14; what a race!

Here are the odds for ZG50 by Karl Meltzer.  I think he is pretty spot on, but I am sure pulling for Nick or Jamil Coury for the top spot, but I know it is such an outside chance.  If I was putting money on the race I would put top dollar on Karl.  He said he has a trick up his sleeve, I can not wait to hear what it is. 

Also, I have to link this list of annoying things runners do.  I'm guilty of most of them including the short shorts, so read on it is very funny.

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