Tuesday, December 29, 2009

30 K Results

After getting in only 42 miles last week I do have one bit of good news. I was able to hit a nice time at the Desert Classic 30K, my time was good enough for 8th over-all and 3rd in my age group. I ran 2:05:34 or averaged 6:44 per mile. I felt really good and wished it was a marathon, because I would have been able to qualify for Boston and possibly broken 3 hours which is something I have not done in 11 years.

The next race is another fun race for me. On New Years Eve (9am) I will start a 24 hour journey. The race is called The ARR 24 Hour Run to the Future. The race will be held at the Victory Lane Sports complex here is a map to the race and here is a slideshow of the course. I'm looking only to run further than I have ever run before, which is 62 miles. My secondary goal is to try to beat the current Arizona Resident State Record for age 37, which currently stands at 87 miles for 24 hours. I hope I can do that, but I'm getting into unchartered territory, so I will not be so bold. I thought for sure I could complete the Javelina Jundred, but lost heart/body at 62 miles and dropped out.

I can not wait for the race; easy run today 5.3 miles in 49:30. I'm taking it easy and may not run at all tomorrow and just rest before the big race. I feel really fresh this time, and did not run for the past 5 days while I was home in California celebrating Christmas with my wife and three children!

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