Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little piece of heaven where I can rant.

What a day, and what a great place to be able to go on my little political rants. Being the only liberal Soldier in my immediate work area gives me little audience to my views. Also, it is not worth the fight with the think headed know it alls that I work with. It is funny they all worship the big business and the policies that protect the "well to do" crowd of over 500K a year, but most of them earn under (some well under) 100K. The "do nothing" crowd that worships death through killing overseas "brown" people is strong around here. Don't spend money to make your own people healthy, but spend billions to destroy things and kill people "over there". Makes me plenty sick!

Run a quick 8 mi in 1:01:11. Really good pace for this route.

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