Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hared Huachuca Hash 1274

Had a GREAT time Haring the 1274th running of the Huachuca Hash House Harriers.  It was so much fun setting the course through thick shiggy, over a wall to an apartment complex (one person detained shortly), and on a slightly long run for this group (they usually like 3-4 mile runs and I took them a little over 5 miles).  Also the trail took through a little more than a mile of sandy washes. 

The year is almost up and right now I'm sitting at 272 miles for the month and 3145 for the year.  It has been an incredible year and I'm ready for a little rest.  Across the Years 24 Hour Race is on New Years, but after that I make my move up to Chicago, and plan on not putting too much stress on myself while I get settled and while I get used to the new climate.  I did pay for a 50 miler in April, which should be my tune up and start of my build up to the National Championship 24 hour race.  If things go well I will really train hard and shoot for >110 miles, but if things don't work out I'll just enjoy the race and the incredible people who show up to that race. 

I can not wait to be home with my wife and kids over Christmas!  I'll be taking a rest from running then come back and hit it for a hard 24 hours where I should hit >100 miles and secure my second 100 mile buckle. 

Once I return from the holiday, there will be just a few more days of school, then off to a new chapter of life!!

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